MBA Finance Alternatives
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5 Best Alternatives to MBA Finance

Post Graduate education has become a tad costlier in India. The recent news of IIMs hiking their fees by 5-17% has made MBA aspirants quite thoughtful.  Reasons for the fee hike may be many, such as inflation, autonomous administration,…

Exam changes in CIMA

With the fast changing dimensions and requirements of the dynamic business environment, the needs of the business have also changed, thus effectively changing the needs of the employers. It is not only a challenge for the businesses to evolve…

How CFP Will Help You to Get into Financial Planning & Retail Banking

Life is all about dreaming & seeing your dreams come to life. What is your dream career? If so, It'll be a great idea to acquire a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification. The CFP course is designed to provide you with a sound…
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Financial Modeling & Investment Banking

Many job aspirants in the financial sector look forward to careers in investment banking. They are driven by the big bonuses that accompany the role or they like the tag of being an investment banker. An investment banker is usually involved…
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Transform your career, from Engineering to Investment Banking

Engineers are switching their career to finance from technical field. Financial institutes are also opted for the technical students over other because of the analytical & logical skills. How an engineer can get in to Investment…
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Without a doubt, 2017 has been an unsteady year for financial services; with political changes, economic risk, and designing various administrative changes coming into effect in 2018. Let’s explore in this article, what are the top…
Credit analysis
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What is Retail Banking?

Retail Banking refers to services offered by a bank directly to consumers, as opposed to dealing with large corporations or other financial institutions Typically, retail banking involves offering the following services – •   …

What is Commercial Banking?

We all have some sort of experience with commercial banking services. When you needed that education loan, or when you wanted to put some money in a fixed deposit, you approached a bank. Banks typically take deposits from customers and use…
Financial Accounting
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What is Financial Accounting?

Financial Accounting is a system whereby an entity’s financial information is gathered, accumulated, analyzed and presented in standard formats. Every economic entity normally has a goal of value maximization for its stakeholders. Towards…
Credit analysis
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What is Credit Analysis?

A bank has received an application for an INR 30 lakh home loan from an individual. Another bank has received an application for the issuance of a credit card. A non-banking lending institution has been approached by a firm for a loan of…