Impact of Crowdfunding on Investment Banking

Impact of Crowdfunding on Investment Banking Technology is opening up avenues that are unique. Certain areas which seemed out of the reach of Technology disruption have also come into its fold. Here we are talking about Investment Banking,…
Investment Banking

What does it take to build a career in Mergers & Acquisitions ?

    When two companies merge into one another, lose their identities and form a new identity which is a new company. It would also involve a purchase of one company wherein the target company loses its identity and becomes…

Investment Banking - Secrets No One Told You About!

Investment Banking is an arm of banking that creates capital for other entities like companies, governments, etc. Apart from underwriting new debt and equity securities, Investment Banks also help in Mergers & Acquisitions, brokerage, sale…
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8 questions an Equity Research Analyst must ask a Company’s Management

Who is an Equity Research Analyst? An Equity Research Analyst is the one who analyzes stocks or small groups of stocks to guide a firm's sales team and traders. They provide insightful ideas and recommendations related to investments…
What is an Investment Banking and How to become an Investment Banker

What is an Investment Banking and How to become an Investment Banker?

Investment banking is a unique division of banking operation that serves individuals or companies to raise capital and contribute financial consultancy assistance to them. Generally, Investment Banks also end up helping/advising their clients…
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Investment Banking: Bulge-bracket or Boutique advisory?

Investment Banking (IB) has an aura around itself. There are elements of awe, prestige, intrigue and glamour all surrounding it. If you are a CFA, CA, aspiring CFA or an MBA Finance and wish to make it big in IB, you need to make smart choices…
How has Equity Research evolved in the past decade?

How has Equity Research evolved in the past decade?

Analysts rummaging through company filings, working on large datasets and financial models, reading about the latest company news or attending investor meets. Isn’t this the picture we get in our psyche the moment we think about an Equity…
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5 Most Trending Career Profiles in Finance

The world as we must be aware is in a constant state of change. This holds true, especially for the financial domain. Finance, one of the most important departments of any corporation has changed considerably in the last decade. A few years…
MBA Finance Alternatives
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5 Best Alternatives to MBA Finance

Post Graduate education has become a tad costlier in India. The recent news of IIMs hiking their fees by 5-17% has made MBA aspirants quite thoughtful.  Reasons for the fee hike may be many, such as inflation, autonomous administration,…
Investment Banking
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Transform your career from Engineering to Investment Banking

Investment Banking is the new Engineering! Engineers are switching their career to finance from technical field. Financial institutes are also opted for the technical students over other because of the analytical & logical skills.…