basic accounting skills

Basic Accounting Skills Every Professional Accountant Must Have!

The world of knowledge is infinite, which means that there is no end to learning, unlearning and relearning new skills that are in sync with the changing times. The same is in the case of accounting, where managerial accountants need to have…
best mobile apps 2018

Best Mobile Apps 2018 For On-The-Go Professionals!

There are 2.8 million mobile applications available, of those around 1 lac are best mobile apps 2018 for Android users. These best mobile apps 2018 are designed to improve and ease our professional life. Below is the compendium of few best…
Business Writing

Business Writing - 6 Tips to take it a notch Higher!

How is Business Writing different from usual writing? Business Writing is not regular communication between friends and acquaintances. It is the communication exchanged within business units, colleagues, clients, governing bodies and external…
productivity tips

Productivity Tips - How to Enhance your Worklife and be more Productive?

Below are some of the most common yet useful productivity tips to enhance your worklife and reflect better productivity at workplace. Tim Ferriss says “Focus on being productive instead of Busy.” There are 24 hours in a day; the…
AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning in Sports - Can it change the Game?

Every walk of life is gradually coming under the folds of AI & Machine Learning, and the latest to follow suit is Cricket! Cutting-edge technology like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are being used to enhance fan engagement…
AI update

AI update - Kochi gets first ever AI-based retail store!

Much awaited AI update is here! Picture this! You just walk into a store, pick your stuff, have the amount debited for payment, and walk out calmly. No long queue for payment, no salespersons hogging you with latest offers, no carrying debit…
corporate governance in india

Corporate Governance in India - Why is it so critical?

What is Corporate Governance? Corporate Governance in India is a set on internal controls, policy and procedures which form the framework of a company’s operations and its dealings with various stakeholders such as customers, management,…
finance soft skills

Finance Soft Skills - How to be a part of C-Suite?

When prepping for an interview for the financial role – be it equity research, credit analysis, risk management, etc. the first task is to make a list of all the finance soft skills jargons and understand the role in detail. That’s to be…
corporate training tips

Corporate Training Tips: Game-based learning- Adding a refreshing twist

Game-based learning is becoming one of the hottest corporate training tips in the recent times. Let's check how.. We all like games, don’t we? But, as we progress through our journey in life, these things just become childhood memories…
financial services

Top 6 Trends in the Financial Services Industry in India

The financial services industry is a highly volatile sector, which immediately gets affected by various reasons: be it technology, government regulations, fiscal and monetary policies, trade relations, tax changes, etc. This year has witnessed…