Being a CFA Charter is a lucrative option that can fetch you a plethora of job opportunities in the field of investment banking, portfolio management, equity research, etc. On clearing all three levels of the program and after having completed 48 months of relevant work experience, one can avail of a Charter from the Institute and append the much-coveted designation to their names.

The Charter holders are held in esteem in India and various firms cite the designation as a part of the desired skill-set while posting jobs. Types of firms that actively recruit the Charter holders are:

  • Investment Management / Wealth Management firms / Portfolio Management firms:

– The work profile in these firms is closest to the core portfolio and investment management skills taught in this program.

  • Investment Banking:

– A charter will equip you with financial analysis, and knowledge of debt, equity and derivatives, which are key skills in an Investment Bank.

  • Equity Research:

– A charter is almost a required qualification for top MNC Equity Research firms, since it trains candidates on security and investment analysis.

  • Private Equity:

– PE firms again require heavy financial analysis as well as investment management know-how, and a charter is in demand here as well.

  • Credit Rating / Analysis :

– Credit Analysis involves cash flow and debt repayment analysis and again a charter is a desired qualification.

  • Corporate Finance Divisions

– Corporate Finance entails financial management including fundraising and management, treasury operations, financial reporting and analysis etc. A charter equips you with most of the skills required for this job as well.

Charter holders have the additional benefit of having access to the career resources offered by the Institute as well as the local Indian chapter of CFA. You can not only access the online career resources but also network with the people in the local chapter to actively pursue better career opportunities.

Let’s explore what is the scope of CFA in India –

According to Payscale, typically CFA certified professionals have the following range of salaries as per their job functions.

Popular Cities to Work in India

Mumbai, Maharashtra Rs 299,750 – Rs 1,551,940
Bangalore, Karnataka Rs 309,126 – Rs 1,299,584
Pune, Maharashtra Rs 244,652 – Rs 1,179,157
Gurgaon, Haryana Rs 422,817 – Rs 1,466,668
New Delhi, Delhi Rs 252,000 – Rs 1,263,500


Top Companies to Work in India

Name of Company Salary Range
Crisil Rs 198,659 – Rs 1,735,278
The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Rs 364,923 – Rs 1,650,000
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMCC) Rs 157,046 – Rs 1,526,047
HSBC Rs 600,000 – Rs 1,678,652
Credit Suisse Rs 1,080,000 – Rs 1,915,000


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