CFA® Program curriculum to Now Include Blockchain & Cryptocurrency?

The CFA® Program curriculum would now be covering advanced IT concepts like Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, from 2019 onwards. The latest update comes in as an announcement by the CFA Institute.

Bloomberg has reported that the institute will release the course material in August. The chapters on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies will be included in a topic called FinTech in Investment Management within CFA® Program curriculum. Cryptocurrencies will also form a part of the discussion in Professional Ethics.

With this announcement, Blockchain and Cryptos will get recognition in mainstream education. The CFA® Program curriculum has recognized that the hype around cryptocurrencies is not a passing fad. It is real and advancing very quickly, hence including it in the syllabus is the need of the hour.

Regulated crypto futures trading in Chicago, top-notch firms like Goldman Sachs Group foraying into digital assets and the insane amount of interest that investors are showing in crypto-related startups, speak aloud that Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain have actually arrived! Experts even opine that the power of this technology may change the foundation of the global financial system.

Why is education on Cryptocurrencies so important?

There is a huge air of regulatory uncertainty surrounding the cryptos. Bitcoin trading saw a huge crash this year. There have also been isolated instances of fraud, money laundering, theft and manipulation related to virtual currencies. The legal implications of trading in cryptocurrencies are completely vague.

In fact, most people aren’t even aware that there are many cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.  Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and TRON are some of the other virtual currencies that are less spoken of.

That being said, virtual currencies are emerging in a big way. Investors and finance professionals just cannot afford to be ignorant about it. Investors are well-versed with financial instruments and trading, but the associated element of computers and coding makes cryptos slightly complex.

The concept surrounding cryptocurrencies has its base in finance, but the execution involves knowledge of the latest technology. In order to make future investors and professionals confident about the way virtual currencies operate, it is important to have complete knowledge of it.

It is really important that CFA aspirants have a fair discussion on the ethics of cryptocurrencies. Only educated professionals can build a standardized framework for virtual currencies. It’s a necessity which is absent now. The aspirants also must learn about the various disruptive technologies and understand how it will impact the financial markets and the economy at large.

It’s a laudable move by the CFA Institute

CFA Institute is known to provide the most updated curriculum to aspiring finance professionals. By including Blockchain and Cryptocurrency formally in the course, it has once again proved to be a trend-setter. The institute is aware of the latest happenings and wants its members also to be abreast of ongoing developments.

Recently, the CFA® Program curriculum had included Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Automated Trading as other Fintech subjects. The addition of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency truly completes this circle. There is no denying the fact that Blockchain and cryptos are poised for enormous growth across the globe. Education in these streams of technology is actually a necessity today than a preference.

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