CFA Salaries you can Expect in Dubai

We have some good news on the Dubai job front! 

Companies in Dubai are back to hiring, and this time they are seeking out the best talents out there. 

If you are someone on their priority list, you can be sure of landing a near-perfect job in a top firm. 

If you presently don’t have the qualification or the experience to secure a nice job in Dubai, no problem. 

You, too, have the chance to make a mark in the Dubai financial job market. 

We’ll tell you just how. 

Whether you are a fresh finance graduate or an experienced industry professional, you can establish yourself as an expert Chartered Financial Analyst

Being a CFA comes with many perks – the most prominent is the career growth and pay package. If you are starting your career or making a smart career move, this is the right time to join the elite group of CFAs. And Dubai could be the destination that launches your career on the right trajectory. 

That dream job in Dubai doesn’t seem far-fetched now.

  • Is getting a job in Dubai Easy?

Certainly not for candidates without professional qualifications or core-subject knowledge. 

If you can boast of a highly sought-after certification backed with hands-on experience and industry-relevant skills, getting a job in Dubai is not a challenge. 

Of course, a local candidate will work out cheaper than hiring international talent. Yet, businesses these days are always seeking candidates with exceptional knowledge and possessing universal certification. 

Getting a job in Dubai will undoubtedly put you in a higher pay package and add massive value to your resume. 

The benefits of working in Dubai far outweigh any difficulties you might face. You are bound to enjoy a tax-free salary, gain international exposure, work in an expanding market, experience higher living standards, and put your career on the right ladder. 

  • How is the Financial Job Market in Dubai?

Unlike several other countries, Dubai is a flourishing economy. The UAE job market, Dubai in particular, is registering a solid recovery in jobs and salaries post-pandemic. Reports suggest that UAE will indulge in a hiring spree in 2022 and push the average salaries up by 4%

The spike in the hiring activity can be attributed partly to their demand for talented, experienced professionals who can contribute positively to their future growth plans. 

But what is the CFA certification that the world is raving about?

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What is CFA certification?

CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst is a gold standard certification for financial professionals and students looking to have a career in corporate finance, investment banking, capital market, and equity research. 

You might have heard the term ‘CFA charter’ and wondered what it might be. Well, a Chartered Financial Analyst Charter is someone who has completed the CFA certification and meets the work experience requirements. 

  • Why should you acquire a CFA certificate?

Having a CFA certification under your belt is almost like having a universal pass to work in any country of your choice. It is a globally recognized certification that prepares you for the evolving financial and investing industry. It equips you with the necessary financial skills and investing analysis expertise to advance in your chosen field. 

  1. CFA is recognized in more than 165 countries. Earn the certification or charter in one country, and be eligible to work in the other hundred-odd countries. 
  2. It boosts the chances of securing a job in the competitive investing, banking and wealth planning fields. 
  3. You can enjoy a higher pay package than those without the certification. 
  4. It gives you an edge and benchmark in top investment firms.
  5. Comprehensive career options are open to those with CFA certification.
  6. Scaling your career ladder and exploring your career aspirations becomes much easier.  
  • Skills you need for a CFA job.

Companies looking for CFAs, generally seek candidates with impeccable subject knowledge and exceptional skills. Undoubtedly, most of the skills needed for a CFA job will be given during the course. 

However, take a look at some skills needed for a CFA job,

  • Quantitative methods
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Professional standards and ethics
  • Equity investments
  • Corporate finance
  • Portfolio management
  • Derivatives and more

What Salary and Career Growth Can I Expect as a CFA in Dubai?

CFA is a highly sought after qualification, and anyone with a CFA under their belt can start their career with a higher pay package that is only bound to grow even higher as they gain experience. 

Dubai is one of the top career destinations for candidates across the globe. The reasons for choosing Dubai over other countries are tax-free salary, high global exposure, and top-notch pay packages. 

But you, no doubt, want to know in exact terms the salary and career growth you might expect as a CFA in Dubai. 

As an entry-level CFA (with about 1-3 years’ experience to show off), you can expect an average salary of around 1,00,000 – 1,20,000 AED/year. A senior management Chartered Financial Analyst can earn anywhere between 3,80,000 to 3,90,000 AED annual salary on the far end of the salary spectrum. This gross salary is nearly 3 to 4% higher than the average salary in the UAE. 

Some reports even suggest that the estimated salary hike could be nearly 20 to 25% over the next five years. 

Of course, the salary and career growth depend on the company and qualifications. Moreover, each job profile also has a different salary bracket. For example, a portfolio manager might be drawing a higher take-home salary than a research analyst or senior financial analyst. 

You should also note that the company you are employed by will also determine your salary. The Big Four will pay you big bucks, followed closely by other leading businesses. 

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How does a CFA Certification Provide Assured Job Security in Dubai?

CFA makes candidates job-ready by providing essential skills and subject expertise. The CFA program focuses on boosting candidates’ knowledge of fundamentals of asset valuation, investment tools, financial planning and management, and portfolio management. 

With the job boom in Dubai, there is a massive demand for skilled and certified CFAs from businesses. Since there is a shortage of local talent, most companies seek international candidates who fit their job requirements. 

A cursory look in any job portal catering to the Dubai market will show that most positions open for financial experts are in investments, banking, equity, portfolio and fund management and credit analysis. A CFA certification will come in handy when applying for any of these roles. 

Since CFAs are preferred by top businesses, you don’t have to worry about job security or career growth. Dubai’s financial jobs are one of the most coveted positions, and the diversity of profiles gives you the needed assurance. 

Moreover, when you continue to increase the value of your resume, improve your skills, and work on your subject proficiency, you can market yourself as a critical resource in no time. 

What Jobs in Dubai Require CFA certification?

CFA certification proves your expertise and proficiency in financial subjects, hard work, skills and career aspirations. But not all jobs in Dubai require CFA certification. However, as a Chartered Financial Analyst, several career options open up for you. Let’s look at some of the jobs in Dubai that need CFA certification.

Research Analyst

There is a massive demand for Research Analyst positions in Dubai – at least in the last few years, a significant spike has been registered. With CFA certification, you can secure a job in the investment industry as a credit or equity analyst. 

CFA gives you the necessary skills for this job, including,

  • Company analysis tools
  • Financial modelling and analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Valuation 

Portfolio Manager

As a portfolio manager in Dubai, you can be in charge of a fund or a group of funds. Since Dubai is a fledgling market, there is a considerable demand for someone who can work with analysts, clients, and researchers and have hands-on experience understanding the market. 

CFA hones your skills to become a portfolio manager:

  • Investment strategies formulation
  • Management of portfolios
  • Market analysis
  • Performance management 
  • Risk analysis

Risk Manager

Risk managers are critical resources in banking, corporate finance and investment industries. Risk management is a vast term comprising credit, liquidity, investment, market, and more. Dubai is a growing economic market, and as such, the need for risk analysts and managers is acutely felt. 

With newer businesses opening up in Dubai, companies keenly look at diversification and capturing various markets. They need risk managers who can assess the markets, forecast future changes, and avoid potential risks.

Financial Consultant

Consultants are sought-after experts by almost all major companies. As a consultant, you will be required to guide the business during decision making and diversification. 

As a CFA, you can work as an independent consultant or in a business providing guidance, valuation, forecasting and analysis. 

Investment Banker or Strategist

Investment banking professionals help businesses raise capital and undertake mergers and acquisitions. An investment banker with the proper certification can help start-ups, manufacturing and construction companies, and even governments. Dubai is the right place for an investment strategist or a banker, as its financial market is opening up and growing phenomenally. 

A CFA certification gives you the needed skills for an investment banker:

  • Placement of capital
  • Investment restructuring
  • Mergers, acquisitions, diversification and more
  • Mutual funds, hedge funding, and advisory tools

Private Wealth Manager

As a CFA, you will have the better, if not the best, opportunities to work as a private wealth manager in Dubai compared with other locations. This place is filled with high-net worth professionals and individuals who need assistance in investment planning and financial management. 

The demand for private wealth managers is increasing as the need for professionals with financial market knowledge, investing capabilities, portfolio management and estate planning are needed. 

As a CFA, you don’t have to curtail yourself to these roles. The very fact that you hold a prestigious professional certification gives you the freedom to change your career aspirations and move up the ladder pretty quickly. You can also get placed in job profiles such as:

  • Financial advisors
  • CFO or Chief Financial officer, provided you have the experience to show
  • Data scientist 
  • Relationship manager

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Top-Notch Companies looking for CFAs in Dubai 

CFA is a specialised certification that focuses primarily on investment and banking. Moreover, CFA is becoming a mandatory certification for asset management and investment roles. However, corporate finance, private wealth management, trading and risk management are also critical roles for which businesses prefer CFA candidates. 

The companies that are mainly looking for CFA in Dubai are 

  • Investment companies, 
  • Private client management companies, 
  • Investment banking and brokers
  • Consulting firms
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Mutual funds and asset management firms
  • Banks
  • Corporates and accounting firms

For example, in Dubai, you can find a need for CFAs in Industrial and Commercial Banks, Investment consultancies, banks such as Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Banks and real-estate firms such as Majid al Futtaim, and accounting firms such as PwC, S & P Global, medical research firms such as AstraZeneca and more. 

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