Right now, you are at Point A. 

Point B is a thriving career in business analytics. 

To get from point A to point B, you need the best business analyst certification.

Your future depends on the journey you take right now. You need to make the right choices and well-informed decisions today for a brighter tomorrow. Business analytics is huge right now. It’s trending as one of the fastest-rising professions with the most growth opportunities. 

To get your own slice of this lucrative industry, you need a valid certification. The best business analyst course can give you the training and development to become a powerhouse professional. They teach you in-depth knowledge, key concepts and technical skills. The right business analytics program can help you build a solid foundation for your career. So how to choose? 

There are specific criteria you must take into account when looking at schools. 

What type of institution will work best for you? Which courses are recognised by the industry? Let’s find out more about how to make the correct choice to help you receive the best business analyst certification.

Institutes Offering The Best Business Analytics Course

Before you apply for courses, first check out the three types of academies that provide certifications. Examine each one to see which institution is right for you. They are:

  1. Recognised Universities

Post-graduate colleges and business schools offer business analytics as part of their MBA courses. They also allow the opportunity of doing a master’s degree in the same subject. This is an ideal option for new graduates who have the time to pursue higher education. 

These full-time courses delve into the management and technical side of business analytics. If the college chosen is prestigious, this gets reflected in your certification. However, the focus is primarily on academics. The programs may be lacking in practical learning or technical skills. You may have to do a short-term or online course to fill in the gaps in your practical education. 

  1. Training Institutions 

These professional schools are focused on skill training and real-world knowledge. They follow a more practical, hands-on approach towards learning. You can attend the classes in a coaching centre or online. It is up to you. The best business analytics courses are taught by industry experts who have been in the business for a long time. So you get the added advantage of learning through their experiences. The most noted training institutes ensure that students study analytical techniques and real-life case studies. It is perfect for working professionals or students pursuing their MBA, or other degrees, as most courses are short-term. These schools can offer quick courses or a one-year PG which can be done around your busy schedules. You can investigate further to find the best business analyst certification for you. 

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  1. Statistical Software Institutes

If you are keen to learn about software and tools used in the business analytics industry, apply to software institutes. The emphasis is on technical expertise and learning about the different methods. There isn’t any focus on analytics knowledge or concepts. These schools offer the best business analyst courses for those who need to up-skill or learn the latest technology. 

How To Pick The Best Business Analytics Course

  1. Check out the course content

When applying to institutions, you should study the syllabus pamphlet intensely. Note down the topics, subjects and skills taught. You need a school that covers 80 per cent or more of the latest tools and techniques in the industry. You also need to ensure that the theoretical knowledge offered is updated regularly. The best business analyst course will have a comprehensive curriculum that gives you a well-rounded and complete education.

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  1. How wide is the industry coverage?

The best business analyst certification provides holistic training that allows you to work in various industries, such as healthcare, banking, retail, insurance and consumer goods, to name a few. You learn the tools to apply your education across different sectors. This level of flexibility and versatility is only possible at the best business analyst course. It’s a good point to research before registering for the program. 

  1. Calibre of faculty 

Most good quality courses will have capable teachers on the staff. The best business analytics courses will have industry experts who have invaluable industry experience and can teach students using real-life examples. They help students learn how to apply analytics across different businesses. 

This gives you the incredible opportunity to get an insider look into the industry and learn from the great minds who have helped shape the business analytics field. 

How to get the best business analyst certification in India? By picking the best and most experienced teachers. 

  1. Superior learning experience

Some courses have a school-like environment where the teacher narrates while the students take notes. While that can be an excellent way to impart knowledge, sometimes it is better to have a more hands-on approach when dealing with professional certifications. The best business analytics course will centre around the tools and methods used in the industry. The topics and concepts are taught practically, so students can use the knowledge to deal with different business challenges. 

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  1. Certifications 

How to tell if yours is the best business analyst course? If it comes with additional certifications that help boost your resume. Some institutes offer additional credentials upon completion of the program, such as NSE or NDSC. You can even get an AICTE-approved PGCM certificate when you apply for the best business analytics certification

  1. Additional learning resources 

Does your chosen course only have one medium for studying? Are they a ‘by-the-book’ kind of institution? Then they are not for you. In today’s competitive world, you need all the support you can get to do well on your exam. Pick the best business analyst course that offers extra learning resources such as practice tests, mock exams, educational videos, study prep books, etc. This enables you to get the edge you need to become an expert business analyst. 

  1. Placement assistance 

The best business analytics course is one that invests in its students by providing placement programs. Some even go a mile further and offer interview grooming and resume writing services so you can ace the recruitment process. Many students need some help with their presentation and communication skills before applying for jobs. They should pick an institution that can help them beyond just learning the syllabus. 

  1. Industry collaborations

Some schools teach you about the data industry. Others bring the data industry into the classroom. The latter is where you will find the best business analyst courses. They have tie-ups and associations with the specialists working in the field. These professionals offer mentorships, recruitment assistance and the opportunity to do real live projects at the end of the course. It is very exciting when you are a part of these sessions as they really help shape your perspective. 

  1. Number of students per batch

You are looking for a coaching centre, not a factory. Many institutions take on a large number of students in one class and it can get very crowded. Often students don’t get the attention they need. A small batch with limited seats is always better. The teachers can teach better and offer more of their time to each student. You can always determine the best business analyst courses based on the number of students they allow in a classroom. It’s also helpful to see where the alumni are currently working. High-quality programs ensure their students get good jobs with leading companies. 

  1. Modes of learning 

The best business analyst certification courses offer students dual modes of learning — online and offline. Many individuals are unable to attend regular classes as they have work commitments. Some of them may not live near a coaching centre or in the same city as one. The best business analytics courses are those that ensure quality education is always within reach. They have a number of centres spread out across the country along with an efficient online program that offers the same calibre of coaching. 

Why Proschool offers the best business analytics course

Did you know that Proschool is one of India’s top ten schools for business analytics? The institution is well known for offering students an incredible academic experience through innovative and well-designed study sessions. The faculty uses active learning methods and a hands-on approach to teaching. Students are taught about real-world problems and how to solve them. They also receive personalised attention to ensure they have understood the subject matter. If you’re looking for the best business analytics certification course, you may have just found it. 

Course details: 

  • Proschool offers a data science program, a business analytics course as well as a PGCM in data analytics 
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  • The course focuses on teaching you how to solve real life problems, practically. This in turn ensures that you don’t get stuck while working in a company.
  • The faculty is highly educated with IIT, IIM background & teach the subjects from scratch.
  • At IMS Proschool, we ensure that students are taught the tools & subjects from the basics, which is why we have many of our students from commerce background.
  • You can attend classroom sessions in various coaching centres across India
  • There are online classes available for you to learn at your convenience 
  • The school has various external resources, such as mock tests and study material, so you learn better 
  • On completion, you can receive an NSE or an NSDC certification as well
  • Proschool has an efficient placement program for students 
  • They also have a support team who helps with professional grooming for the recruitment process 

In Conclusion

Do a quick search online, and you will find many schools that claim they offer the best business analytics course. You need solid proof. Take a closer look to see which institute is bluffing and which one is as advertised. The above points serve as a checklist for you to ensure you enrol in a course that is of a high standard of excellence. 

This is about your future. Don’t make a hasty decision that might backfire later. Take the time to explore your options and investigate the courses. The correct choice will help you kick-start your career in the right direction. So take a moment, think wisely and then go ahead and invest in the best business analyst certification

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