There is a saying “Success is a journey, not a destination. The journey matters more than the destination”. This proverb is very apt even for making decision on pursuing a certification course in Business Analytics. More than just the certificate, it is the quality of knowledge that counts and becomes the most critical factor in deciding the best business analytics course.

Type of institutes offering Business Analytics certifications

How to choose the best business analytics certification in India?

There are majorly 3 type of institutes offering certifications. Each one has its pros and cons. These are-

  1. Educational institutes/ universities-

These are the institutes highly reputed for their full time flagship courses like MBA. They offer certifications like business analytics etc. as secondary offering to help students who cannot commit to full-time courses due to financial or time constraint. These are generally Webinars or recorded content based. One plus point is the big brand or credibility associated with the institute. The content of the course is most of the time structured and covers all major topics. But often these courses lack in giving a hands on experience of tools and techniques. Thus it becomes an academic learning and doesn’t equip you with working skills.

  1. Training institutes –

These are highly focused institutions for classroom and virtual training. The major advantage offered is diversified learning. These are generally conducted by industry experts with very deep experience. Good courses covers comprehensive analytical techniques, hands-on tool-based teaching and real-life case studies.

  1. Statistical software institutions-

These are the industry leaders of software predominantly used in the industry. They are good to gain tool expertise. These courses are primarily focused on how to do analytics on that particular tool. Therefore such courses lack in imparting knowledge on the analytical techniques. These majorly serves as gaining the tool’s expertise and as an attestation to one’s knowledge of the tool.

Important aspects to consider while choosing the best certification-

  • Course Content-

The curriculum should be comprehensive. It should cover the required expertise in terms of techniques, concepts and tools. Course should cover at least 80% of the techniques used within the industry.

  • Industry coverage-

The course should cover the various skill requirements of industries like Banks, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail and other industries.

  • Faculty-

It is important to ensure the faculty is knowledgeable and from analytics industry. Faculty needs to be experienced and should be able to share his practical learning well. The lectures need to be peppered with relevant examples and you must be taught to approach to solve real business problems.

  • Hands on learning experience-

Certification program needs to be well structured to cover the widely used and emerging tools in the industry. You should be given hands-on experience of the tools. At the end of the course, you should have expertise in at least one tool with knowledge on other widely used tools. You should be able to gain insights on how to use data effectively to address all kinds of business challenges.

  • Assessment and Certificate-

Practice materials and mock tests are really helpful. It helps you assess yourself and identify shortfall. Using additional course materials, the shortfalls can be addressed. On completion of course, certificate to authenticate business analytics expertise gives an additional CV value.

  • Industry collaboration-

Certain courses additionally offers exposure to industry experts in terms of mentoring, placement assistance etc. If you get an opportunity to do live projects at the end of the course, it is always very helpful.

  • Strength of the batch-

The classes needs to be student centric. It should consist of a small number of students per batch. The faculty should be able to assist each one individually.

Choose wisely

There are numerous institutions offering Business Analytics certification. It is crucial to choose wisely which course to take. Take time to think about your existing experience and skill set. Link it to prospective careers and employment opportunities. Then choose a course that is relevant and can accelerate your career. Glossy brochures don’t always tell you the full story. Don’t get misled by them. A well-structured program should cover all necessary aspects. Remember learning is an investment and you need to invest wisely to reap returns in the future. Good Luck!

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