Cleared IPCC? Add Financial Modeling skills to your toolkit

“Time and tide wait for no man”, goes the centuries old proverb.

We know that becoming a Chartered Accountant is quite a time consuming process. The level of difficulty, the vast curriculum and above all, 3 years of internship. Clearing IPCC and stepping into articleship is one of the most important milestones in the journey towards becoming a CA. 3 years is quite a lot of time, and if utilized well can prove to be very advantageous for your career.

The articleship is a crucial phase and provides a great learning opportunity for the aspirants. You get well trained in fields such as accounting, taxation, auditing and many more. However, there are few other skills that you need to acquire in your quest to become a Chartered Accountant. One such skill is Financial modelling which has multiple utilities. This skill alone is a combination of all the tools you require to excel in your career.

Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for financial modeling during your articleship:

Helps you to gain proficiency in excel:

One of the most important tools that is used in financial analysis in excel. Financial modelling automatically trains you to be an expert in excel because that is the basis of financial modelling. While many CA aspirants can have basic knowledge of excel, financial modelling teaches you to learn the tool at an advanced level. This can come in handy at any point in your career. In fact you may already be handling a lot of excel related tasks during the course of taxation or audit related work. So proficiency in excel is a big advantage of financial modelling.

Makes you an expert in financial statement analysis:

One of the primary responsibilities of Chartered Accountants is to audit financial statements. Financial modelling exposes you to finer levels of financial statement analysis which is sure to help you in your audit related tasks. Through financial modelling you get clarity on each line item of the statements. Financial statements and accounting standards are something that you are already quite familiar with, though on the theoretical front. Financial modelling will help you to scale one level up through practical application.

Sharpens your forecasting skills:

Digging the past and analysing historical numbers is just one side of the coin. To be successful, a finance professional needs to possess sound forecasting skills. So utilizing your articleship phase to develop these skills is one of the wisest things to do. Once you gain expertise on forecasting skills, it will be easier for you to get an idea about the future of the company. This in turn will help you to audit the company in better light.

Prepares you for a multitude of roles:

Chartered Accountants are no longer limited to auditing and taxation roles. Today CAs are employed in wide number of core finance roles such as financial analysis, project financing, investment banking, equity research, corporate planning and budgeting etc. Chartered Accountancy is an exhaustive curriculum and financial modelling perfectly complements your skills and knowledge to emerge as a good fit for these profiles. Opting for financial modelling during your articleship helps you to figure out your area of interest and choose to specialize in it.

Equips yourself with soft skills:

Financial modelling is not just limited to financial statements and projections. It is an exercise which trains you to develop problem-solving skills, time management and decision-making skills. All these skills are extremely important while you prepare for your CA final exams. Most of the financial models aim at solving a particular problem, hence while you practise the models, you are sure to imbibe these skills. How to segregate the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a problem, designing a solution, implementing and testing the outcome form part of the problem solving techniques. Choosing the method of valuation, selecting assumptions and making projections hone your decision-making skills. A good training provider for financial modelling will teach you how to build a model from scratch within a stipulated time. Thus, teaching you how to manage time effectively.


A lot goes into building a rewarding career and optimal utilization of time and opportunity is a pre-requisite for it. While working as an article assistant in a firm, you take your first step into the corporate work. Chartered Accountants are in huge demand in careers pertaining to finance and the knowledge of financial modelling is a must. So isn’t it worthwhile to utilize these years into acquiring skills that will help you to be on a competitive footing once you complete your Chartered Accountancy course? Don’t run out of time, take your decision now!

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