“Aim for the Clouds” is the new mantra for Data Scientists

Microsoft is on Cloud nine! Quite literally. The tech giant has signed a deal to offer a new version of its cloud computing platform, Azure Government, to US intelligence agencies. This extended contract is seen as a precursor to the much coveted $10B Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract which also has Oracle, IBM, Amazon, and 42 other contenders.

Cloud computing is a big thing today. It is true that Cloud has existed for some time but it’s only now that its full potential is being realized. Initially, it was mainly used for huge data storage but now its abilities include supporting technologies such as artificial intelligence and help them to adapt to new platforms.

What is cloud computing?

Simply put, Cloud is nothing but the delivery of computing services such as storage, databases, networking, analytics, software etc. over the internet. Companies which offer these computing services are cloud providers and their business model includes billing for cloud computing services based on usage.

Cloud Computing: The future skill hub


The mass adoption of cloud computing infrastructure among companies has led many industries to transition from the traditional IT to the new world of cloud services. This makes migration skills on cloud deployment or cloud is driven software development a highly sought-after profile.

Just like defence, other highly regulated sectors such as banking, finance, insurance, government and healthcare are transitioning to cloud computing. Cloud computing is based on business models that cover more than IT services. Cloud computing plays a significant data analytics, research and development and mobile app development today.

According to Forbes, Cloud Computing will be one of the hot technology trends for 2018 and public cloud adoption is expected to scale up immensely. IDC predicts spending to reach $264 billion in next three years. There are over 350,000 specialists required for cloud roles and this is evidently a huge opportunity for professionals with requisite skills.

Professionals with skills in cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) will be much in demand in 2018. Virtualization skills such as in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware will help you to stay ahead of the pack.

Given below are top 5 skills for Cloud Computing Professionals in 2018


Development operations (Dev Ops) is a method of software development which involves the entire software lifecycle into account. This includes everything from planning, prototyping to use and maintenance. The DevOps skilled professional is fast becoming a critical role for new age businesses. Knowledge of Dev Ops in Cloud makes you more responsive and flexible at software development. There are various online resources to help you learn more about this.


As an operating system, Linux is widely used in cloud computing platforms. The more you are familiar and well-versed with Linux, the more employable you are in the market. You can download Linux on your system right away and practise transitioning from your current operating system. This will give you a head start before getting trained professionally.

Multi-cloud deployment

Businesses are increasingly scaling up their resources and require professionals with expertise in a cloud to work on their apps and networks. Multiple cloud deployments are becoming common with increasing scale of business so there is growing requirement for professionals who can work on Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform with equal ease. With a skilled cloud expert, companies would be at vulnerable to faulty implementation and security threats.

Cloud Security

With so much data stored in the cloud, security is of paramount importance. Business cannot rely on their vendors or cloud providers for security. They need to have in-house cybersecurity experts for a cloud. The professional must know how to work on various security tools.

Machine Learning and AI

According to IDC, there will be tremendous growth in Machine Learning and AI and businesses will spend 50% more on this in the next few years. Due to this, almost every cloud vendor now wants to develop and expand services that will allow organisations to integrate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with cloud services. These vendors such as Microsoft and Amazon are actively seeking data science professionals to achieve this.

Cross-platform skills are key to gain marketability in Cloud Computing

With so many developments taking place in cloud computing, you need to gain cross-platform skills. This is the only way to stand out in today’s cloud job market. Apart from Microsoft Cloud certification, you may consider widening your skills to achieve certifications from AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

If you wish to enhance your employability in technology and analytics field, you need to be well-versed with Cloud computing, Machine Learning and AI. There are various online and e-learning programs, so take your pick and up your ICT skills which are much needed to be on the higher curve of employability.