In a survey conducted by Analytics India Mag in June 2018, hiring trends in data science and the available job roles. The Data Science Recruitment in India survey showcases variations in skill sets, work experience, and educational qualifications related to the domain. It also gathers opinions of hiring managers, job seekers, and students; for thorough knowledge on the hiring scenario.

Data Science Recruitment in India 2018: Annual Survey by Analytics India Mag

Let’s have a look at the findings of the study:

  1. How important is the need for formal education?

The Data Science Recruitment in India survey takers were asked if graduation or any other formal education in data science is a mandate to get a job. The following answers were recorded:

  • 33% of respondents felt an extreme need of formal education, not only to get a job in data science but also to keep up with current industry trends.
  • 28.3% respondents felt an average need of formal education for employees as well as students to keep themselves updated.
  • A negligible 11% respondents did not feel the need of formal education.
  1. What is the need of having programming experience?

The survey data clearly shows that a considerable majority of respondents have voted for the need of programming experience to get a favourable job.

  • 48% respondents feel that prior work experience in programming is an absolutely needed.
  • 29% respondents feel work experience is crucial to boost their career. As most of the new-age companies think that training the employee for basic programming skills could be time-consuming.
  • 18% of the respondents remained of neutral opinion, while 3% and 2% of them felt prior work experience was not important and unnecessary respectively.
  1. Why is it important to have work experience in similar field?

Apart from data science, respondents were also asked if having work experience in similar field could be helpful in landing a job as a data professional.

  • Around 35% respondents were positive of having a similar job experience in the data science sector
  • Another 26% said keeping track on data science curriculum can enhance skill sets as companies prefer candidates who have minimum five years’ experience.
  • About 2% did not approve of the statement.
  1. How difficult it is to switch over to new tech from non-data science?

Let’s see how the respondents opined to the difficulties involved in switching gears from non-data science to the New Tech field.

  • 30% of them were neutral regarding the question.
  • 23% said although there is much difficulty, switching over to new tech field is not impossible. This is because the industry is already moving ahead and it is not easy for people to keep up with the changing trends. Therefore, suddenly moving to data science can be challenging.
  • 15% respondents expressed their concern over the difficulties that arise for non-data science students.
  • Only 5.6% respondents were positive as they think data science is welcoming for non-tech students.
  1. How to get entry-level job in data science?

Data Science Recruitment In India survey shows following choicest ways to get entry-level job in the field.

  • 42.7% of them thought internship can land a good entry-level job to data science aspirants.
  • 21.8% survey takers said  building networks and joining data science communities can also help in getting suchlike jobs.
  • Campus placements, walk-ins, and job fairs receive 17%, 14%, and 5% respectively.
  1. What are the programming languages preferred for data science aspirants?

For a data science aspirant, it is expected to have a good hold over one or more programming languages. Both hiring managers and job seekers were asked about the importance and trending programming languages right now.

  • Python received more than 47% upvotes for clearly being the most popular as well as crucial language for data science aspirants.
  • R being the second best language with 39% respondents opting to learn the language.
  • 9% Respondents have voted for SQL as one of the must-know languages.
  1. What are the must-have skills for data scientists?

In order to flourish in data science, Data Science Recruitment In India survey  has identified the following skills:

  • Statistical modeling is preferred by 35% of respondents as a very important skill set for becoming a data professional.
  • Machine Learning was able to gather 28% upvotes as most of the hiring managers prefer candidates with both statistical modeling and machine learning skills.
  • Business Intelligence and Data Mining were next with 17% and 10% upvotes.
  1. How to find a suitable data science job?

Some of the unanimous and expected responses were:

  • With 47% voting for LinkedIn, it proves to be the very first choice for professionals looking for and posting jobs in data science.
  • Offline networking comes in second with around 19% upvotes, wherein respondents chose to be finding job through friends and acquaintances.
  • Popular online job portal Naukri was voted by 15.7% respondents.
  1. Which cities have more job opportunities for data professionals?

The survey-takers upvoted for the following cities to be the best ones as far as data science job opportunities are concerned..

  • The most favourite of the lot being Bengaluru with around 73% positive votes. The Garden City continues to reign for befitting job opportunities in new tech.
  • Next is Mumbai with more than 13% respondents making the Maximum City as second most favourite one.
  • Not for behind is Pune and Delhi with 5% and 3% upvotes respectively.
  1. Which industries provide more job opportunities for data scientists?

The demand for data scientists has gone up considerably in the past few decades. Following are few of the choicest industries that ensure they hire skilled individuals to manage their data needs.

  • Industries offering IT and allied services are top of the league with almost 27% votes.
  • Both Banking & Ecommerce industry share 24% votes from data aspirants.
  • Meanwhile healthcare and retail sector manage to please 12% and 8% of survey takers.

It seems like Data Science experts are making it big by getting hired almost anywhere and everywhere. Be it large MNCs, medium-sized enterprises, or local startups, the demand for data professionals has been on a constantly upwarding scale.

Source: Data Science Recruitment In India 2018 

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