In this article, we dig deeper into Data Scientist job description. Let’s try finding out what do data scientists really do? This post also sheds some light on job responsibilities, skills and qualifications required, and pay package of a data scientist..

Data Scientist job description - What do they really do?

The terms “data science” and “data scientist” have always been too difficult to understand. But not many would know these terminologies are rather used to describe a comprehensive range of data-related network. Let’s take up an end-to-end analysis of that comprehensive data-related network to figure data scientist job role.

Decoding Data Science

Data science is a varied field. It is a multidisciplinary approach that entails working with data. Those individuals who are actually working with data are called data scientists.

We have a rough idea on what is Data Science job description within the tech industry. Data science involves infrastructure testing, machine learning for better decision making and building data products. Wherein, data scientists create a strong data foundation for performing robust analytics.

At the end, data scientists lay machine learning pipelines and customized data sets. It is these data sets that help data scientists to understand their business and customer behaviour. The data sets also allows them to make better decisions.

What exactly a data scientist does?

To begin with, a Data Scientist job description includes an individual who derives value from data. Such a person is responsible for proactively fetching information from multiple sources. The information is then analyzed for a better understanding on how a business is performing. Additionally, they even build certain AI tools to automate business processes of an organization.

A data scientist is a perfect blend of a scientist, software engineer, and a hacker. As they also create various machine learning-based tools for the company, data scientists recommend engines or optimized lead scoring systems. Hence, people possessing statistical analysis skills are preferred more.

Data Scientist job responsibilities

  • Using machine learning techniques to select features, build, and optimize classifiers
  • Performing data mining by utilizing latest state-of-the-art processes
  • Dealing on company’s behalf with third party sources of information as and when required
  • Undertaking innovative methods of data collection building information that is relevant to create analytic systems
  • Processing, sorting, and double-checking data integrity for proper data analysis
  • Doing additional analysis to present results in a clear and systematic manner
  • Generating automated anomaly detection systems and maintaining a check on it for its constant performance

Data Scientist skills/ qualifications required

  • Superb understanding of machine learning tools and algorithms including k-NN, SVM, Decision Forests, Bayes, etc.
  • Adequate work experience with common data science languages such as R, NumPy, MatLab, Weka, etc.
  • Exceptional at communication – both oral and written
  • Well-versed with data visualization tools such as D3.js, GGplot, etc.
  • Eager to work with any size or nature of data
  • Experienced to work with NoSQL DB like MongoDb, HBase, Cassandra, and so on
  • Good knowledge of applied statistical skills such as statistical testing, analysis, distributions, regression, mathematical, etc.

data scientist job profile

To find out if data science is for you, don’t forget to ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Do I hold a degree in computer science, MIS, mathematics, statistics, or marketing?
  • Do I have adequate work experience across the above areas?
  • Am I keen enough to work with data and bring in innovative ideas for data collection and analysis?
  • Do I enjoy data analysis and problem solving too?
  • Am I able to communicate very well both verbally and visually?
  • How can I enhance my data skills and take up newer challenges?

If you’ve answered almost all of the above questions as “yes” then the Data Scientist job description is for you without any second thoughts!

Data Scientist pay package

On an average, a qualified but fresher data scientist can earn anywhere from INR 3 lac to INR 6 lac. However, they are required to have a strong background as far as the domain is concerned. The highest paid skills that count include data mining, data warehousing, machine learning, Java, Apache Hadoop, and Python.

What did you learn?

As we see, Data Scientist job description requires to have a very good understanding of mathematics and statistics. Besides, a natural eagerness and passion to work with data, creativity, and critical thinking is as well important as per Data Science job description.

As in, what can be done with all the collected data? What can be the unexplored opportunities to work with the data? You must have a flair to connect the dots and a yearning to search answers to both relevant as well as irrelevant questions.