Data Scientist skills required are very many, yet unique in their own way. Being a Data Scientist comes with its share of responsibilities.

When searching for a Data Scientist for long-term association with the company, a recruiter also looks for certain set of skills. The skills or qualities of a Data Scientists are something that distinguishes the wheat from the chaff. Some of the main Data Scientist skills required that a recruiter looks for include:

Data Scientist skills required - What are recruiters looking for?

(1) Data storytelling

The job of a Data Scientist just doesn’t end at analysing data and using it for modelling. He should be able to weave a story and build a connection between his analysis and the users of the report. To achieve this, a Data Scientist skills required vary from good reasoning to be able to present his thought process in a coherent manner. Conveying analytical results through a story is more of an art than science.

(2) Passion for data

We couldn’t emphasize more on this. A company looks for Data Scientist who is not just conversant but also passionate about data. A Data Scientist who is passionate about his work demonstrates it by reading lots of blogs, podcasts or books on it. Along with it, he also indulges in personal project and tries to establish himself as a thought leader. In a nutshell, a passionate Data Scientist has a much deeper understanding of data and is enterprising enough to explore various aspects related to it.

(3) Technical expertise

Technical expertise is one of the must-have data scientist skills required by recruiters. This involves understanding of programming, statistics, machine learning and Big Data. Apart from this, the Data Scientist must have considerable experience in handling databases like Hadoop, Spark. The array of technical skills is incomplete without programming languages like R, Java and Python. While conveying their expertise, the Data Scientist must also mention the number of years of experience he has in each of the skills.

(4) Strong communication skills

In addition to strong technical and quantitative skills, a candidate for data science jobs must possess strong communication skills. His ability to communicate should be strong enough to influence the decision makers. The recruiter may design employment test to judge whether the potential candidate is a good listener, understands business needs and articulates his point of view well.

(5) Ability to judge situations

Many Data Science aspirants may feel that only knowledge of technical aspects and building algorithms is enough to be successful. But this is far removed from the truth. For a Data Scientist to be successful, it is not just the knowledge of technique but also the ability to understand which is the right algorithm or technique to solve a particular business problem. For this, he must be able to showcase his logical abilities and reasoning skills during the recruitment process itself. During the selection process, he should be able to implement his theoretical knowledge in real-life situations.

(6) Creating tools for better results

An enterprising Data Scientist is every company’s delight and recruiters search hard for such individuals. For this, the Data Scientist needs to create tools, conduct experiments voluntarily, design framework and organise every detail to manage the pipeline of data. The Data Scientist who show streaks of such enterprising behaviour are the ones highly sought after.

(7)  Data visualization and presentation:  

Sometimes, a good data presentation is as important has an effective algorithm. Data Visualization is an important skill because it helps to identify patterns, correlations and trends which is not easily seen in text-based data. Not just this, Data Visualization also helps to simply complex problems through images, charts and graphs. Therefore, recruiters look for Data Scientists with good grip and experience in Data visualisation tools such as Tableau, Qlikview, HighCharts, Plotly, FusionCharts etc.

Showcase your skills in the best possible way

Whether the recruitment process is full of innovative rounds, a live project or a standardised interview, the objective is to select a Data Scientist who can display exceptional skills. These data scientist skills required determine the extent of complex projects that he can handle in future. As a potential Data Science candidate, you need to show streaks of your knowledge and skills in the most effective yet subtle way.

So, be mindful of the selection process and don’t just go through it mechanically. This is your chance to convince your recruiters about your acquired skills and how prepared you are to take on new challenges that come your way.

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