Digitization in India is very well getting into form and how! Let’s explore how and why is there a need for India to adopt to the digital transformation..

The times…they are a changin’.

Want to order your favourite dish? Want to shop? Or wish to book a cab?

It’s amazing how a single click and voila – your tasks are done!

Indian Government launched the revolutionary reform Digitization in India in September 2015, under which it envisioned increased internet connectivity and making India a digitally empowered nation.

Digitization in India: Several Opportunities for Growth & Transformation

It has not just made an impact on reducing paperwork and overall documentation; the system has become a lot more transparent and plain-sailing. Well, one of the most significant advantages of this project is that it has created a lot of business and job opportunities across all the sectors in the country.

According to Ravi Shankar Prasad, Communications and IT minister, the initiative is worth 1 trillion dollar business opportunities in India and the primary sectors are IT/ITeS, electronic manufacturing and telecom. Let’s take a look at how they would create new opportunities.

Training & Education – A lot of projects are launched by the government to empower people, as the programme is aimed at ameliorating urban-rural connect. As per the sources, the government is looking for qualified trainers to train approximately 3 lakh service delivery agents. These agents can further run a business related to IT services. In rural areas, training programmes are required for millennials to become job-fit e for IT and telecom industries. And the figures are going up to one crore.

Healthcare – eHealth is an essential project of the Digital India initiative to tackle the deficit of more than 1.5 million doctors (according to the Digital India Foundation Head, Arvind Gupta). Under this project, people can avail online services like getting diagnostic reports, checking the status of blood banks, making payments for health care and much more. Many digital platforms are launched for creating online access to doctors, pharmacies, information on health problems, knowledge about insurance, etc.

Start-ups – Out of the many ideas by the Government under the programme, some are being solicited by them. Yet, there are still many ideas that individuals can capitalize on to contribute to India’s digital growth story. Budding entrepreneurs have ample opportunities to receive information and advertise their business on a government platform under Start-up India. It is forecasted that the start-ups will generate employment for more than 2.5 lakh people in India by 2020.

Infrastructural growth – To support digitisation, infrastructure is being built, and this has resulted in burgeoning employment opportunities. Even freelancers are needed to digitise all the official documents for the government. And this can be done by any person who has an Aadhar Card number and can type on a computer or a mobile device. Under the Digital India initiative, rural and semi-rural areas have better connectivity to the cities, and this is has led to the growth of e-commerce space. It has resulted in better opportunities for postal services, BPOs and more.

Though Digitization in India has swelled up the competition, it is also bringing businesses closer to each other.

The initiative is about empowering the common man in the country. With new and stimulating business opportunities, stakeholders are willing to contribute proactively and fairly claim their stake in the progress and growth of the country. With this, the days can’t be better for a digital marketer aspirant as the opportunities are increasing exponentially year on year.