6 Tips to Enhance Your Influence at Work

Nowadays if you want to be efficient in the organizations, you should get preparing yourself to influence others at work. I don’t think your power will be sufficient to influence others at work and also it won’t be possible to have a confirmed position.

It is much better to have an influence at your workplace, which has an obvious advantage. You will definitely become more skilful and you will drive the projects you are responsible for. Your work will get you more likely to be noticed, receive raises and get promoted.

As we all know gaining influence in the current workplace is complex. It has now become more difficult to influence others at work because people are more preoccupied with the information and the speed of our digital presences have commenced to low concentration spans. Here are six tips which will help you out with improving your approach in order to influence others at work

1. Develop connections

Connections play a very important role when you want to be an influencer, at your workplace you don’t have to win a popularity contest but what you have to simply do is to be firm with your decisions, support your ideas or approve your budget. You don’t have to be the best person or drive away the people with your appeal but what is important here to have a good rapport with your co-workers. This won’t help you to influence others at work but there are more chances at least they will hear you out. So, pull over and start working on developing your personal connections with your co-workers, and let them get to know you better.

2. Listen to others

The major problem in the workplace is people feel disrespected when you don’t listen to them, so it is always better to listen to your co-worker’s advice or perspectives. This will indirectly help you to get your co-workers support and they will hear you too. So begin by providing them with your whole attention in all the situations.

3. Your Body-language

As we know how much our body-language matters when it comes to communicating the right message. There are so many people who always keep on evaluating whether to trust you or not, in order to have their trust you need to work on your body-language and also have a control on the tone of your voice. Let us take this example, standing up straight with your shoulders back helps you come across as confident and compelling whereas when you look down at your feet has the adverse effect.

4. Improve your expertise

The other important approach is to improve your influence others at work is by getting recognized as an acknowledged expert in your field or your organization. This won’t happen overnight, but you know this could be done if you strengthen the business-critical expertise or engaging yourself in your subject area. The other better ways are you can regularly attending business conferences,  or do a specialized certification program. Yes and don’t forget to share your knowledge don’t keep it under wraps. Another way to let people about your knowledge is to write an article or blog about your subject on LinkedIn or for your company newsletter.

5. Plan your approach

When it arrives time to sway the influence you have created to support a special action or idea, be ready with your plan of approaching. Have a chart of decision makers associated with your subject and keep a track on it and see if people are getting influenced by you or not. Then start planning out, how and when you will approach your co-workers.

6. Benefit others

You can expand your influence on a critical issue by genuinely composing it as an advantage to the people you want to be on your side. Acknowledge every stakeholder’s requirements, views, and outlooks and make sure that you finish your homework to understand what they want to hear and what will attract their attention. For each person, make sure you are answering the question, by letting them know what you have got for them. Never forget to talk about how your idea that will benefit the organization as a whole.

Follow the above tips to get the better results!