Here are best Facebook marketing case studies, which were executed so well that their campaigns set a whole new level of social media marketing. Let’s see how and what they were..

What to Learn from Best 5 Facebook Marketing Case Studies?


Just when it was about to launch its latest offering, SuperNet 4G, Vodafone featured a Facebook campaign besides TV and other channels. However, it was on Facebook that the the telecom giant discovered a higher incremental reach than any other mode of marketing.

Vodafone wanted to measure the same incremental reach along with the efficacy and cost-efficiency of Facebook, when compared with other media channels.

To enhance its brand outreach to specific audiences that weren’t being targeted by TV effectively, Vodafone used Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences feature. Lookalike Audiences is a way to create new audiences and reach new people who are most likely to be interested in your business as they’re exactly similar to your existing best customers.

Through Lookalike Audiences feature by Facebook, Vodafone was able to see a substantial jump of 23% in brand association. Their reach over TV also jumped by 3.5%

How they did it?

Vodafone collaborated with Maxus and Facebook for its SuperNet 4G cross-media campaign. Wherein, it featured an Indian boy and its synonymous pug in a series of short yet appealing videos.


One of the most popular online shopping websites, Jabong aimed at engaging with its customer base and potential buyers on a more personalized level. For that, the e-commerce giant launched a month-long campaign to enhance its customer-centric operations.

Jabong strategized its social media campaigns highly effectively right from customer acquisition and transactions to customer retention. Relying wholly on Facebook marketing to propagate its online marketing efficiency, Jabong targeted high-end audiences with specific products for quick lead conversion.

How they did it?

Back in April 2017, Jabong accelerated its online marketing activities by offering right products to the right people. The fashion-based company had its customer acquisition doubled and instantly saw a 5-fold rise in app download rates.

Horlicks India

Horlicks India couldn’t be any happier to see the impact of their Facebook ads on brand metrics. Using the modified brand track study from IMRB – traditionally used for measuring TV campaigns; and concluded Facebook campaigns to be yielding better results than TV.

The IMRB reports suggested positive results in favour of Facebook. There had been 61% rise in reach through Facebook campaigns. Meanwhile, only 52% rise was seen due to TV campaigns.

The social media giant fared exceptionally well in shooting up the numbers for Horlicks India; as far as targeted audience reach is concerned.

How they did it?

Horlicks India featured their Facebook campaign describing their product and its health benefits for children. A simple yet highly effective, the ad seems to motivate customers, especially parents, to go for the product as it promises to make their child stronger, taller, and sharper.


One of the most popular Facebook marketing case studies is that of Raymond. The clothing brand strategized to shoot up its sales in particularly 4 of its outlets. They did so by motivating customers to visit Raymond physical stores in a great way.  

Back in 2016, Raymond ran its 3-week long ad campaign on Facebook as part of its digital marketing strategy. It successfully increased customers to 4 of its stores by generating astonishing results. Their in-sales stores jumped to 78% thanks to the social media campaign. Meanwhile, the store footfall increased at about 58%.

How they did it?

Raymond decided to give away 72-hours of express tailoring services, especially for their Gurgaon store. The ad had a call-to-action statement that encouraged customers to register with their details to avail the service.

Veet India

In its 4-week campaign, Veet India discovered that Facebook advertising resulted in an 11% rise at their in-store sales.

In 2016, Veet launched “Girls on the Go” campaign across digital media and TV. However, what impressed them was the digital media results wherein it experienced 22% growth in annual sales. The results were so impressive that the brand decided to run a second engagement for much better results.

Veet particularly aimed at knowing the effectivity of its Facebook ads in driving up in-store sales. As well, it was able to gauge the no. of people reached and the frequency of a positive return on investment.

How they did it?

Veet India unveiled its Facebook ad featuring two girls chilling out at a beach. With two pair of legs up in the air and beach hats visible, the campaign shows young ladies relaxing by a clearwater beachside.

Although the ad does not carry any text or tagline, it indirectly points at girls’ lean and clean legs, suggesting they might have used Veet product.

Above Facebook marketing case studies might show impressive results, however, do remember that they’re only possible when you’re ready to shell out big time. Unless you pay thousands for Facebook marketing, the ads won’t show you desired results.

So, if you’re ready to invest huge amounts alongside coming up with engaging content and fabulous images, go ahead with Facebook marketing now!