Promoting your Business through Facebook Marketing is one of the best and most preferred ways of real-time social media marketing. Business owners cannot afford to miss all the goodness attached with strutting their stuff using Facebook.

6 Ways of Promoting your Business through Facebook Marketing

For one, Facebook is a hugely popular social networking platform with over billions of active users worldwide. Secondly, as the social media behemoth keeps updating its algorithms, rolling out user-friendly and exciting features; it very well helps businesses to connect with new customers.

Social media, especially Facebook, can work wonders for your business. However, it can get difficult to know where to start. Here we compile 6 must-know ways of marketing your business on Facebook.

  1. Business page creation

First things first. For promoting your business through Facebook Marketing, start all over with creating a Facebook page for your business. It would resemble a regular Facebook profile, but specifically for businesses and brands.

As your business page will be a tool to interact with your Facebook audience, make sure it reflects your brand thoroughly. Enhance the branding by using your business logo as the primary photo for your page. For the cover, use another similar picture which would convey all that your business does.

Complete off your business page by describing your brand along the “About” section in attractively snappy words and phrases. Choose a catchy Web address for your page, as in

  1. Sharing engaging content

Now that your Facebook page is up and running, you would need a good number of users to follow your page and take it to the next level. For that, you simply have to come up with engaging, likeable, and shareable content to add to the number of followers to your page.

As your followers are going to receive your posts in their main Facebook newsfeed, make it smart and cracking at one go. Here, you can share latest updates, images, videos, and other promotional content related to your business.

Note: Precise and eye-pleasing Facebook marketing posts are the ones that urge more and more followers to like, comment, and share them. Hence, figure out different ways to add one or more visual aspects to your posts in the form of short videos, images, etc.

To understand Facebook user-behaviour, go to Page Insights section from the Page’s Admin menu and look for valuable information like follower activity. For eg., the section shows you best time to post your content as most people would be online and viewing their feed then.  

  1. Create a network

For effective Facebook marketing, when you share good content on your business page, it is necessary to make sure all your followers have seen it. For that to happen, look for the built-in tools offered by the social media platform to create and manage your own network of followers.

The “Build Audience” tools in the Page’s Admin menu lets you send invites to your Facebook friends and email contacts for them to follow your page.  

Additionally, you may also use traditional marketing techniques like emailing, business cards, etc. to advertise your Facebook Page’s web address.

  1. Engage your followers

The whole idea of creating a Facebook page for your business is to have a good following and a better outreach. Engaging your followers is the next best way of promoting your business through Facebook Marketing and can improve your social media presence. Ensure that you create engaging and interesting content for your followers to like, comment, and share it on.

Most important of all – post high quality content regularly. You can do that by sharing relevant updates at least twice every week. Keep your postings timely and respond directly to private messages and comments. Create and maintain a friendly tone with your followers so that they’re motivated to engage with your posts.

For instance, Facebook Offers is a great tool to increase online presence, as it allows you to create coupons which can be later redeemed online or in-store. the coupons can also be featured into users’ news feeds — even to those who are not already following your page. These kinds of promotions boosts visibility of any page update and effectively makes way to the news feed of potential customers.

  1. The more, the merrier!

When one of the followers would interact with your page, their activities would be shown in their friends’ newsfeed. Their friends happen to be your another batch of potential clients.

Foster cordial ways of interacting with your followers. You can do so by creating polls, surveys, asking questions on your Facebook page, etc. Look for trending topics to frame irresistible questions that cannot be missed out on.  

You may ask your followers to use “check-in” option whenever they interact with your store. The check-in feature is also a great way to let followers’ friends know about your business.

Similarly, create special events or limited-time promotions to invite more followers to your page. In turn they would invite their friends and increase your number of page fans.

  1. Facebook ads

Last but definitely not the least, consider Facebook ads as one of the best ways of marketing your business on Facebook. Derived from traditional advertising, they let you create custom ads and target them in users’ news feed. These ads would then appear as part of promotional posts and directs to those who click right through your website.

As Facebook collects user data, it’s algorithms are smart enough to target your advertisement to specific users. It uses tools to detect users who are more likely to be interested in your offerings.

On the other hand, the platform also offers an analytics tool with which you can understand which ads perform better and can drive sales.

With above expert tips, start marketing your business on Facebook right away!

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