This blog brings you the best Gmail hacks and tricks you should know if you’re a digital marketing professional. That’s because, as a digital marketer in India, you probably end up spending more time emailing – than you would’ve realized. Let’s take a look at those little but effective Gmail hacks to tone down your work for enhanced productivity.

10 years back, receiving the notification of a new email in our inbox lit up our face with glee and joy. Fast forward now, emails have penetrated into our daily lives to an extent that we can’t imagine our day without them. And now, not receiving any email in a day is a matter of concern! Best Gmail hacks and tricks follow below..

Top Gmail Hacks & Tricks A Digital Marketer Should Know!

Emails are important to get work done; to run the business smoothly, to share documents with friends, for professional networking, etc. But the use of emails is not restricted to communicating urgent or formal words.

It is a compelling and concrete documentation trail as it maintains history and connections which you can always reckon on.

But hold on…Have you faced an email boo-boo moment, where you pressed the send button and regretted as the email was sent with an attachment missing or the word was misspelt? Or a situation when you wanted to track vital email communication and you end up spending hours to search that particular mail?

Don’t worry; we all have been gone through such an awkward moment.

Here we bring to you the compilation of a few of the best Gmail hacks to save your time and obviously, your day…

Recall sent emails

If you wish to recall an email meant for a different client, person, etc., then here is the good news!

How to recall email? To undo send:  Go to Gmail Settings option -> Click on General Tab -> Scroll down to option “Undo send” and Enable it -> and, Save your changes

The only catch is you only have 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds to recall your mail.

Organize all the emails

Feeling disgruntled over the piled up emails? Now with a simple feature of ‘Label’, you can organize your inbox to save time. Labels are handy while organizing the emails.

How to add a label? It is same as folders; you can add multiple labels to a single mail. To create a label – Open or select an email -> Click on ‘Label Tab’ next to more options. You can also click on the respective label to check out the same labelled messages.

Gmail also gives you a choice of inbox category tabs. This option will separate your emails based on subject matter such as promotions, updates, socials, etc.

How to categorize emails? To activate this, go to Setting, Go to the Inbox tab, select “Default” inbox type and choose your categories.

Canned response 

Canned responses are essentially one of the most popular Gmail hacks. Doing so, it gives an excellent option to people who continuously send the same messages while answering the emails. After enabling a canned response; you save the time of writing repetitive words.

How to allow a canned response? For allowing a canned response; go to Settings, click on Advanced, click on “Enable a canned response.”

Mute conversations

Are you getting distracted because of irrelevant email thread; where you are not directly addressed? Then mute a conversation is the best option to choose.  You can mute this conversation and all your new messages will automatically get archived and will stay out of your inbox. You would get an email in inbox only if somebody addresses you in the mail.

How to mute a conversation? To enable this; go to Email Setting -> Click on More Button -> Select Mute

Use search operator

For a quick search of emails; use search operator effectively. You can search by a sender from, recipient, words in the subject, search by label, chat messages, etc.

Search by specific attachment:

Has: drive

Has: document

Has: spreadsheet

Has: presentation

Has: image

Has: YouTube

Search Starred, Unread, Read messages:

Is: starred

Is: unread

Is: read

Search messages by time period:





After: 2018/01/01

Use of plugins

There are a lot of plugins available which we can embed with Gmail. Taskforce helps you to sort tasks and save all information at one place. It is useful for tracking your project details on Gmail and monitor the progress.

Boomerang for Gmail is an essential tool for scheduling your emails. You can write an email in advance and schedule the time for sending it at a perfect time. Boomerang can also pick up your calendar like “Next Sunday” and captures the date.  It also reminds you for follow-ups.

Gmail Shortcuts

There are very easy shortcuts in Gmail that helps us to save our time and dedicate more focus towards critical tasks. For enabling these shortcuts; go to Gmail settings -> Scroll to the “Keyboard Shortcuts” -> Select Keyboard Shortcut On.

Here are few shortcuts:

  • C – for composing a new message
  • R – for replying message to a sender
  • S – add or removes a star
  • F – forward a message
  • Tab and then enter, will send the message
  • ? – open keyboard shortcut help