How much should you be earning post-ACCA in Dubai

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Dubai seems to be the flavour of the season as we’ve been getting a lot of questions about its professional scene. The excitement to work in Dubai is almost palpable. But it seems only fair to want to work there as the perks of working in an international firm among the global community are attractive enough for many. Not to mention the lucrative salary packages, fast lifestyle and an opportunity to save for your future. 

What is the Job Market in Dubai?

Dubai has seen impressive growth over the past couple of decades, and this growth trajectory has turned it into one of the most sought-after job destinations in the world. You’ll find a huge community of technology experts, construction workers, marketing executives and ACCA certified professionals from diverse countries working in various sectors. 

English is a common language used for businesses, and you’ll find no trouble fitting in with the global populace. Although the living cost is relatively high, you’ll get your money’s worth of lifestyle and a salary that can very well cater to all your needs and some. 

The economy is run on its oil reserves, and although the oil prices keep fluctuating globally, you’ll find that the economy has consistently been strong and growing rapidly. 

Some of the major industries in Dubai include,

  • Construction
  • Petroleum and related products
  • Transport and communication
  • Tourism 
  • Manufacturing

Dubai has several growth industries, and increasing opportunities in these industries have hiked the demand for professionals. And, when their local talent is not sufficient to meet the growing needs, it compensates for the skill shortages by employing foreign candidates. UAE job market, including Dubai, has skyrocketed more than 30% in the January to March periods of 2021, more than the pre-pandemic figures, confirming that businesses are seeing an increase in the growth momentum. 

With the increase in ACCA jobs abroad, financial roles, particularly in corporate finance, portfolio management and modelling, are under the spotlight. 

With the corporate and financial landscape growing, businesses in Dubai are looking for accounting and finance professionals to achieve their business goals. 

Moreover, with Dubai dotted with both multinational and start-ups, finance jobs are in high demand. Accounting professionals with skills and experience in specialist domains have a huge job market in Dubai. 

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Financial Careers in Dubai

Dubai is, arguably, the financial capital of the UAE. Finance professionals see a spike in the job requirement, especially those with professional certifications like ACCA. If you are an ACCA certified accounting professional, the job market in Dubai is very encouraging.

Although the economy bloomed only in the late 1990s, the financial hub took quite a while to establish itself as a pioneer. However, the financial market in Dubai has transformed from a traditional bookkeeping system to modern ERP technologies over the past few years.

ACCA opens several career doors for you and in a variety of industries. Some of the job opportunities open for ACCA professionals are:

  1. Financial Accountants
  2. Investment Advisory
  3. Accounting advisory
  4. Taxation expert
  5. Budget Management
  6. Corporate finance
  7. Internal Auditor

The demand for ACCA jobs in Dubai is vast, as companies of all sizes need certified professionals. The reputation of ACCA as a globally recognized certification makes it a highly sought-after professional accreditation. 

ACCA global certification provides immense training in accounting and finance, making you job-ready from the word go. In the top consultancies or MNCs, you can also secure jobs abroad in consulting, accounting, advising, taxation, and fund management. 

Another advantage of doing the ACCA course is that many top companies will be willing to employ you after the certification. You have the chance to move to senior management levels in no time. Moreover, ACCA certification looks great on any resume, increasing your value and giving you the leverage to negotiate a higher salary and career. 

Advantages of Getting an ACCA Job in Dubai

Being the most popular of the seven Emirates, Dubai is famous for its booming economy, lavish lifestyle, ultra-modern architecture, and exceptional career opportunities. While getting an ACCA job anywhere in work comes with its benefits, securing a financial position in Dubai brings unmatched perks. 

Exceptional Salary Packages

The salary package is, without doubt, one of the biggest perks of working as an ACCA qualified professional. The income tax, or the lack of it, can help you earn 100% of your salary. 

If this is not exciting, we don’t know what is. 

Of course, your previous work experience and qualification also matter in deciding your salary. You can still command exceptional pay because of the tax-free nature of the country. 

Let’s say you have bagged an interview for an accountant’s job in Dubai, you would want to know the average salary you might receive from the company. We are here to help you make up your mind.

The average monthly salary an accountant can make in Dubai is about AED 5000 – AED 6000, with salaries ranging from AED 3000 and going as high as AED 10,000. This average monthly compensation is for accountants across several industries.

Of course, the compensation offered depends on the company, your experience and job profile. With an ACCA under your belt, you can certainly bag the higher end of the salary range.  

For example, if you join as a Junior Accountant with a 1 to 5 years of work experience, you can get a salary of around AED 4000 to AED 4500 per month. This is a good starting pay for a fresher or a minimal experienced accountant.

On the other hand, an accounting manager can claim a compensation of AED 8500 with a firm footing on their career trajectory. If you have the experience and skills to match, you can get placed as Chief Accountants and Management Accountants and claim an average salary of more than AED 10,000 – AED 12,000. 

Quick Career Growth

80% of the population of Dubai consists of expats, and this imbalance causes a significant skill shortage. Major global organisations have their base in Dubai, making it ideal for accountants to find lucrative ACCA jobs. Moreover, with a professional certification like ACCA, starting your career on a high, senior-management level is possible. 

High Standard of Living

Dubai is synonymous with high living standards, thanks partly to being strategically placed on the global map. Its skyscrapers and malls are testaments that the quality of life in Dubai is exceptional. When you move abroad to other countries such as Singapore or Hong Kong, you’ll find that Dubai’s cost of living is comparatively reasonable.  

Diverse Cultures

Dubai has residents from close to 200 countries, making it one of the most highly diverse countries in the world. So, you are likely to find a thriving community of immigrants from your country. The culture in Dubai helps you improve your skills and experience since you are most likely working with a diverse group of colleagues. 

Global Opportunities

Being globally recognized makes ACCA certification highly sought-after by global corporations and countries. Moreover, you can also change careers and get promoted to senior management quickly. Since Dubai is well-placed, it is easier for you to travel and gain the necessary experience and exposure.

How Does ACCA Prepare you for the Skills Employees in Dubai Are Seeking?

Dubai is looking for finance professionals, but what exact qualifications are most preferred? ACCA course gives you the best chance to secure a lucrative job in Dubai. 

Besides being one of the most respected positions in Dubai, ACCA finance and accounting professionals are always in demand. They are preferred for their exceptional knowledge and skills, and historically they have been among the most paid professionals. 

But why do ACCA professionals have the edge over other certifications in Dubai? That’s because ACCA, 

  • Develops Core Finance Knowledge and Skills

The ACCA course is structured so that the focus is always on developing core financial subjects and domain knowledge. The course is divided into three parts – Knowledge, skills and professional levels. And depending on your previous work experience, some of the exams are given exemption. However, each course contains critical financial concepts that help secure a job in almost any field of your choice. 

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Some of the subjects you will be taught include, 

  • Management and financial accounting
  • Technology and business
  • Taxation
  • Reporting 
  • Corporate laws
  • Auditing 
  • Advanced financial management
  • Strategic business management  

Being a global certification, ACCA is accepted in almost 180 countries. When you take up ACCA, you have the chance to earn three certifications as well, 

  • Advance Diploma in Accounting and Business
  • MSc in Professional Accountancy
  • BSc Honours in Applied Accountancy

The course is structured with future roles in mind. It prepares you for your future career aspirations and the strategic roles you might be playing. 

  • Improves Organisational Skills

Employees seek candidates with exceptional organisational skills in addition to having professional expertise. 

Whether you are joining a small company or a large conglomerate, you will be expected to sift through hundreds of financial documents, receipts, purchase and sales invoices, etc. The accountant must be able to categorise and analyse crucial information quickly and systematically. ACCA is the best course to teach you precisely what you need to perform your job efficiently.

  • Boost Time Management 

It is a critical skill to have, especially for a financial professional. ACCA course finetunes your time management capabilities by training you on real-world issues and case studies. 

ACCA is a comprehensive professional skill development course developed by industry experts and leaders.

  • Develops Critical Analysis and Thinking

Businesses value critical analytical thinking and reasoning very well, especially in the case of financial and accounting professionals. The ability to crunch large numbers and draw meaningful insights from them is a skill that companies highly prefer. 

ACCA does a great job developing these critical skills as the entire curriculum focuses on boosting essential analysis. You will be trained on real-world issues and prepared to develop innovative solutions based on your domain knowledge.

  • Improves Technical and Communication Skills

ACCA not only develops your subject expertise but also concentrates on improving technical and communication skills. If you are going to settle in Dubai, you’ll rely on your interpersonal communication and collaboration skills. You’ll be needed to manage large groups of diverse people and use the latest technology tools for your everyday work. 

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Benefits of Getting ACCA Training from Industry Leaders – IMS Proschool

Everybody these days provides training in accountancy and finance concepts. 

But the real question is – are they industry leaders? 

Do they have experience in delivering global certifications? 

How many financial experts have they trained so far? 

There is perhaps just one answer to this question – IMS Proschool. 

IMS Proschool has been training 20,000+ students in Accounts & Finance. Moreover, they have 100 and more faculties from several industries. 

They are the academic partners of NSE learning academy, ACCA, CIMA, FPSB, CFA and CIMA. When you train with IMS Proschool, you train with the best and most credible institutes. 

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Training by Experts:

The faculty at IMS Proschool are some of the most prolific experts in the industry. They have both theoretical knowledge and practical, real-world experience. Who better to teach than those in the field? Handpicked practising experts – the best in the industry. 

  • Flexible Learning System

At IMS Proschool, you get to learn at your preferable method of learning – online and classroom. The course is delivered according to the needs of students, professionals and freshers. Moreover, there is a focus on active learning where the students take a keen interest in learning the concepts using practical applications. 

  • Placement Assistance Provided

Placement assistance is given to students who have aced their certifications. IMS Proschool includes a list of curated jobs based on your preferences. They will also rework your resume and provide extensive skill-building tests and assessments. Mock interviews and practice sessions will also be conducted.  

  • Mentor system

The mentor system is a massive hit among students as they have a mentor who takes a keen interest in their growth. With a mentor, you can get all your doubts cleared quickly and conveniently. The mentor system also helps students identify their talents, develop in-demand skills and explore diverse job opportunities. 

ACCA certification is a sure-shot way of getting into the lucrative job market in Dubai.

IMS Proschool is the right place to get the necessary training and experience. When you get your ACCA certification, you will be able to join a group of highly skilled financial professionals in Dubai who have been trained and developed by IMS Proschool. 

Whether you have just finished school, are an accountancy fresher, or are an experienced professional waiting to make the right career move, ACCA from IMS Proschool is the right choice.