How PG Digital Marketing and MBA Works in your Favour?

If you want to make a mark in the digital world and are unsure where to start, we have a great course planned for you. 

The PG in Digital Marketing from IMS Proschool is the perfect course that can launch your career in the right trajectory. It equips you with the right skills, knowledge and industry-needed digital marketing insight. 

A career in digital marketing is exciting, new, and filled with plenty of learning opportunities. In 2021, the digital media market in India was valued at Rs. Three hundred billion with projected growth touching the Rs. 500 billion-plus mark by 2024. 

Marketing has been around forever, but digital marketing, although a late bloomer, has now become the new normal. With the internet invading every corner of our lives, marketing products and services digitally have become an inevitable necessity. There is a great career in marketing – we are not talking about any MBA in marketing – but about digital marketing MBA

However, a question remains, ‘Haven’t the MBAs lost their sheen?’

Certainly not. 

MBA has been the most preferred career option for many, at least until recently. Although its light has dimmed, it hasn’t gone out. 

India has the second-largest group of MBAs in the world. Among the 150-lakh people holding a master’s degree in management, about 15% are Indians. Yet, every organisation worth its salt has to have a robust digital presence on the web. 

But is a general MBA enough to tame the growing digital world? Can every MBA degree holder excel in the digital marketing sphere? Should you learn digital marketing or go for an MBA? Let’s find out. 

Is MBA or Digital Marketing Better? 

There is a ton of difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing. If traditional marketing is where you want to build your career, it might impact your prospects. However, with the world heading the digital way, you need something more specialised and focused on digital marketing to open career doors. 

In addition to investing in brick-and-mortar stores, businesses also strongly invest in digital practice. There are many reasons for this shift in priorities. One of them could be the presence of the target market and the prevalence of internet-enabled devices. 

Companies are increasingly feeling the need for digital marketing experts. And thanks to this accelerated trend, they are spending more resources, time and money on websites, social media, and mobile applications. Digital marketing accounts for 30% of all marketing spending in India. Digital spending is exploding with a three times increase in the last five years. 

However, MBAs still command high regard. Businesses are still seeking business administration professionals with extensive knowledge of marketing fundamentals, managing corporates, streamlining business operations and networking. 

The right approach to this difficulty would be to choose both digital marketing and an MBA. 

PGCM in Digital Marketing- the Best Choice

In a flood of MBA resumes, having a digital marketing specialisation can quickly get you through the door. Most companies these days are looking for professionals who come with experience, specialised knowledge, and practical proficiency rather than having to train them from the start. 

With a Post Graduate Certification in Digital Marketing from IMS Proschool, you’ll have better opportunities to get placed at the top organisations. In addition, the PGCM course in digital marketing allows you to secure an MBA (or PGDM) from AIMA with a one-year exemption. 

The AICTE-approved course offers students a focused approach to digital marketing while also allowing them to complete their MBA (anytime in the next five years). As a result, you can quickly move up the career ladder without a gap in your learning or job experience. 

  • Digital marketing professionals are in high demand.

Digital marketing professionals are in high demand, and this surge is expected to grow further. Harnessing the potential of digital marketing is the only way forward for the business. The sheer demand for digital marketing professionals is increasing year on year. 

  • Develops specialised and practical skills 

The PGCM in digital marketing is unlike a regular certification. It provides thorough, in-depth knowledge of specialised subjects. Moreover, it provides exceptional hands-on practical experience to students to hone their new-age marketing skills. 

  • Industry-focused curriculum

The curriculum followed by IMS Proschool for its digital marketing course has been designed in collaboration with the top industry stalwarts, veteran tutors, and experienced advertising professionals. 

  • Convenient learner-focused learning

The teaching pedagogy used by IMS Proschool is a time-tested methodology where the teaching focuses on the learner. To ensure that the learning is enriching, the learner sets the pace of learning. 

The students can learn from a live classroom or online sessions. They will also be encouraged to take an active part in running online campaigns, conducting seminars, and get real-world experience handling SEO, SMM and SEM. 

  • Expert Trainers

In addition to several hours of classroom training, students also benefit from learning from industry veterans. The chance to be a part of their real-world experience, problems, solutions and achievements act as a catalyst to better performance. 

  • Enhanced career opportunities

Since the training includes extensive course materials, practical case studies, seminars and discussions, the students gain broad expertise matching the industry’s competencies. As the students are given both practical and theoretical training, they become job-ready by the end of the first year. 

PGCM in Digital Marketing Provides Endless Job Prospects

According to a Goldman Sachs report, the scope of the digital advertising profession in India will touch $160 billion in value by 2025 – several times the current worth. The scope for a higher-paying career and rapid growth is evident with a PG in Digital Marketing. Some of the lucrative jobs you can secure are: 

  1. Social Media Strategist

The PG course in digital marketing equips you with an in-depth understanding of the workings of social media, making you ideal for a post of a social media strategist. 

With your skills and expertise in running social media campaigns, you will be required to analyse their impact on your target audiences, churn leads, promote brands and build an online reputation. 

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist will be required to handle the entire gamut of digital marketing campaigns and strategies and catapult the business towards growth. With the technical and core skills, you can define digital goals, build campaigns, and execute and measure their successes. 

  1. Content Marketing Manager

A content marketing manager will be handling the business’s digital voice in publishing content, videos, blogs, and every form of business communication. You will set the brand tone and convey the mission to your target audiences.

  1. Public Relations 

Public relations have become an integrated part of the digital ecosystem so that the image of an organisation is built, developed and maintained by its digital efforts. Digital PR is now being used as a strategy or a vehicle of digital marketing that increases brand awareness, advertises new products or services and builds a brand image.

  1. Web Analytics Expert

The PG course in digital marketing emphasises the tools and techniques for measuring the digital efforts of a business. You will be trained to use advanced tools to analyse, rectify and rework campaigns. Based on different metrics, reports on user engagement, page views, clicks, bounce rates and abandonment rates are measured. 

  1. Digital Marketing Design and Budget

As a digital marketing expert in design, you will be involved in creating maximum visibility for your social media, websites and blogs. To ensure your efforts are bearing the fruits, you will also develop digital marketing budgets, analyse traffic and trends, optimise landing pages, and work on paid advertising channels. 

How to Get Started with PGCM in Digital Marketing? 

Although an MBA gives your resume value, combining it with specialisations like digital marketing opens the doors to a lucrative career in several industries. A digital marketing course is in-demand now, and this trend will continue. 

A regular MBA professional will lack the industry knowledge that businesses are actively seeking in digital marketing professionals. That’s why IMS Proschool is offering an industry-relevant post-graduation certification course in digital marketing. 

The PGCM in digital marketing covers an extensive list of relevant topics, such as 

  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Visualisation with Business Intelligence
  • Marketing management
  • Website design and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing
  • Performance and web analytics
  • Creative communication
  • Latest trends and advancements in digital marketing

One of the main USPs of IMS Proschool is its unmatched placement assistance. Their dedicated placement team ensures your career goals and aspirations are considered before putting your resume across to companies. They also give you company-specific training, mock interviews and tests. 

With this course, you’ll be eligible to acquire proficiency certifications from top-notch organisations such as Facebook, Google and HubSpot. Moreover, students also have the unique opportunity to continue undertaking MBA after the one-year PGCM in digital marketing from IMS Preschool. This way, you can continue to learn and ace your theoretical skills while garnering practical experience in job positions. 

Digital marketing is here to stay, and the smart thing to do would be to ride the digital wave. Whether you are making a change in career tracks, aiming for promotion or diving into the digital world for the first time, there is an apt job waiting for you. Begin by thoroughly understanding digital marketing concepts and hone your practical skills with PGCM in digital marketing from IMS Proschool.