How to Ask for Job Search Help

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In the process of job search, referrals work wonders. A simple reference by someone can give you an opportunity to start your career. And if you have a professional network consisting of friends, families, colleagues, etc. then your work is half done. Your family or friends know you better than anyone. They are aware of your strengths as well as weaknesses. Especially when you are searching for your first job search or internship, family or friends can help you to make the right choice. As they are aware of what are your interest areas and what needs to be improved. Sometimes, your relative or friend might not be able to give you a full-time job at the start; but they can definitely help to get a temporary job or an internship that can pave the way to a successful corporate career in the future.

Below are a few guidelines to follow if you are asking for job search help:

 1. Be specific

It is very important to be specific and direct. Most of the times people go around the bush and don’t start the actual subject of “job search help”. They will start with a very general talk and then at the end of discussion put one-liner or close a discussion with “I am searching for a job”.

People often ask in this way:

“I want to relocate to Maharashtra and would like to work in the software industry; kindly let me know if there are any opportunities.”

The better way of articulating this can be:

“As a software engineer, I would like to work in specific companies located in Maharashtra. A few companies of my interest are ****firms, ***IT Solutions, etc. Kindly let me know if you have any referrals or contacts in these companies.”

Your relatives and friends can help you to find out something more suitable and better for you.

A best specific message could be:

Hello Amit,

I saw this opportunity <job link etc.>, and I am interested in this role. (Put some current positive news about the company)

A little bit about me:

I am currently working as a <job role> and responsible for <roles and responsibilities>. I have attached my resume for more details

2. Keep it short and simple

Your email or letter should not be too long; trim it and keep it precise. In a busy world, people would be happy to read short and specific messages. Make usage of pointers or bullets point to highlight the key points and make it readable.

 3. Personalised letters or messages

Copying a standard template is not a bad idea. It is always best practice to use those to avoid mistakes. However, if you are seeking help from your relative or family member; try to give a personalised touch. Be specific of your friends’ employer or contact network, etc. this will help you to get a positive response.

  4. Be passionate

Requesting job search help is not a crime or a mistake. Sometimes people become a downer while seeking for job search help. Your message should not sound like you are desperate for a job or helpless while finding a job. This will showcase negativity; instead focus on positive energy, enthusiasm, learning ability or willingness to give your best results.

Your email or message should share your passionate attitude or excitement about this new change and not that you are desperate.

  5. Be patient and be regular

It is challenging to advise a job seeker to be patient. However, it is essential when you are seeking help from others. Today, everyone is busy, so a chance of missing your request is a natural behaviour. Don’t judge people by their late replies or delays. Have a regular interaction every week or two, and you can also add a recent update of your job search. It is entirely okay if you send a mail after a month that you are still looking for a job. Don’t sound frustrated or upset in the message.

  6. Job search sites

Today, social media is also a boon for helping you find a relevant opportunity, as we can build up contacts using LinkedIn or Facebook. Be careful while using these job search sites and don’t add everyone in your contact list. Before sending a connection, especially to a senior person in the industry, it is always recommended to send a small note along with the invitation.