Instagram Stories, the New Way to Reach your Audiences!

Instagram stories are taking over the traditional marketing style; it is no more a secret that your business demands to be engaged on Instagram with more than 500 million users. Instagram is a social network that renders a great marketing platform to reach out to the potential customers from every corner of the world.

the Instagram stories are the latest kind of content, which got 24-hour lifespan that promotes the business by sharing in a more genuine way. Instagram stories got this feature of disappearing videos and photos from Snapchat but they will be more likely to find a long-term place in your business’ marketing strategy.

Instagram stories are instantly reaching the ground as a way to retain your most true followers while leaving your content accessible for new audiences to see. It has replaced the style we used Instagram, transforming this platform into something deeper than just your online photo album. In this acquire or create a story of its own, let us see what marketers need to know about Instagram Stories.

1. Start with storyline campaigns

The Instagram story is the better transcription of what you would post on your Instagram feed. The first step you should follow is to start targeting the users who love posting images or videos frequently. Another step is to come with some interesting storyline for your campaign to post.


Here above, is a screenshot of a photographer’s story who is running a campaign on a street photography with the main storyline focusing on children on streets.

2. It Vanishes!

Instagram got this really awesome feature of vanishing the photos or videos you have added as a story within 24 hours. That is an advantage for the marketers, as they can post random and more exciting content through this feature.

3. Your Followers

When you upload your story on the Instagram, you can view how many people have seen it with just a swipe on your feeds. It is a perfect thing as it would give an idea or through this, you can analyze how many followers you got and who are the people viewing your stories regularly. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram has not yet come with a feature to see who has taken the screenshot of your story.

The above screenshot shows your followers and users who have viewed your story.

4. Engagement of the Followers

If you are running a campaign, it is important that you make it really interesting and exciting by posting some creative or out of the box photos or videos that would appear as feeds and stories. From the marketing perspective, this will offer you a chance to engage the audiences who love daily updates you post.

The best part about Instagram is, it keeps on automatically arrange your photos or videos on your story in a slideshow format. Another interesting feature of the Instagram is you don’t have to worry when you upload unlimited stories, as thanks to its UI which is designed in a way to please your eyes without affecting your engagement.

5. Tracking your Stories

Marketers can easily grab the follower’s attention with attractive and user-friendly alerts on the feeds. Many audiences have stopped using the Snapchat because of its new complicated features and functions, offering a win-win situation for the Instagram.

It is easier to track stories on Instagram because of those indicative colourful rings and dots flashing on top of the feeds, you will get immediate alerts on the trending posts.


As a marketer, plan your Instagram Stories with a larger target audience and an astonishingly larger viewer reach in mind. Instagram Stories has all the features to boost sharing and control the promotional value of each campaign regularly. There are more features like filters or stickers to provide users with the advantage of clicking instant pics with shareable content.