This article helps you with best interview tips that are sure to help you succeed at interviews. Especially, what to say and what not to say at interviews. So make sure you follow them the next time you’re attending an interview. After all, an interview session can make or break your career.

Ankit: Hey bro, guess what? I hope you remember I told you that I had applied for the job opening at the company I really wanted to work with.

Sanket: Oh yes, I do. So, what’s the update?

Ankit: My CV has been shortlisted, and the interview is day after tomorrow.

Sanket: Great! But you do not look excited, what’s the matter?

Ankit: I don’t know whom to ask for help me in preparing for it. I am nervous.

Sanket: Don’t worry bro, I can help you!

Ankit: Thanks a lot, my friend! So, where do we start?

Sanket: First things first! Let me tell you the common mistakes that people do in an interview and how you can avoid them.

Mistake #1: Being late

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I am sure you must have heard this adage, “The first impression is the last impression.” Being late for an interview displays that you do not respect the recruiter as well as your time. It is better to reach 15 minutes earlier but not 5 minutes late. In case of an inexorable reason, communicate with the hiring manager and keep him/her informed about your delay.

Mistake #2: Talking in clichés

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A recruiter may ask you cliché questions like, “Why should we hire you?”, “What are your strengths?” It doesn’t mean that you need to give them the same cliché answers that they have heard from every other candidate. This is the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Research and prepare your answers well, but don’t overprepare. It should not look like a robot answering the question. Say something that will make them remember you, positively.

Mistake #3: Speaking wrong about your previous employer

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You might have had a fallout with your last employer, but while talking about it, you should always sound diplomatic instead of being bitchy. Saying negative or inappropriate about your former company will look puerile and petty. Prepare for this question and frame it in a way that it relates to your career goals.

Mistake #4: Poor body language

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Your body language speaks a lot more about you than your words. Do not keep your arms crossed, keep smiling in a friendly way, do not look slouchy and maintain eye contact. Confidence is the key, and your body language should reflect that. It shows that you are focused and attentive.

Mistake #5: Being a bad listener

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If you do not listen carefully, you will not be able to answer or reply to the recruiter. Being unable to articulate responses to the questions you face is a typical interview mistake. Listen carefully to your interviewer and think carefully before replying.

Mistake #6: Asking the wrong question at an inappropriate time

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Nothing worse can happen then asking the wrong question to your interviewer. Interviewer usually asks the candidate to go ahead if he/she has any question about the job. Do not ask about salary, benefits, promotion and vacations. Bringing up these topics at an early stage leaves the impression that you are more interested in the numbers than the profile. So, when given a chance, you can ask about the company, work culture, what an average day is like.

Sanket: Remember Ankit, don’t make these six mistakes on the D day. Prepare yourself, read about the company well and the role for which you have applied. In case you need any further help, do let me know. All the best!

Ankit:  Thanks, Sanket! You have been a great help. I will go home and start prepping.

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