Is the ACCA course the right choice for you?

How would you like to add a respected accountancy certification to your resume? 

Would you like to work in the accountancy field with leading MNCs, the big 4 firms and other global corporations?

Do lucrative salary packages appeal to you? 

How does the possibility of being employable in over 180 countries sound? 

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you might want to consider applying for the ACCA course if you haven’t already. This is a detailed curriculum that teaches you in-depth industry-specific knowledge, professional ethics and strategic skills that put you on par with any finance professional around the world. 

Every year, more and more undergraduate and graduate students see the value of an ACCA certificate attached to their name. Once you become a part of this growing global community of reputed accountants and finance specialists, you are set for life. 

However, is this the right direction for you? Are you a suitable candidate for the ACCA course? If you’re still undecided, that’s perfectly all right. You don’t want to rush into applying until you are absolutely certain. To make an informed decision, you need all the facts. So, how to be sure you are an appropriate candidate for this course? Here is everything you need to know. 

Who should apply?

While this course is designed for those students who have an affinity with math and statistics, it is perfect for those who are planning a future in specialized accounting fields. If you still need a little more convincing, here is a checklist to help you decide if you are the right person for the ACCA qualification

  • If you are actively interested in pursuing a future in the field of accountancy and finance
  • You have received your bachelor’s or master’s degree in commerce and want to supplement it with a reputed accountancy certification
  • If you wish to work with MNCs, global tech companies or major private banks in the accountancy and finance departments within India or even abroad 
  • If you are currently employed in the accounts department of a company, but you need to upgrade your resume for a career boost (without taking up too much of your free time)
  • If you have a background in accounting or CA, you can get your certificate faster due to various exam exemptions 
  • If you would like to work in any of the following roles: 
  • Financial advisor 
  • Management consultant 
  • Corporate treasurer 
  • Forensic accountant 
  • Tax specialist 
  • Auditor
  • Finance controller
  • Chief financial officer

What academic qualifications do you need? 

There are varying levels of qualifications that are suitable for the ACCA registration. However, the minimum requirements include clearing class 12th exams and an age limit of 18 years or more. 

If you are applying after class 12, your grades in subjects such as maths or accounts along with English will be considered. You need to have a good understanding of the English language. This is very essential. When learning the ACCA course subjects and applying for jobs in the future, you will need to be fairly fluent in the language. 

If you have an existing degree in which you have already covered some of the relevant topics or subjects, you may be eligible for one or more paper exemptions. Students with degrees, such as commerce or business administration, are allowed certain leeway on skipping overlapping papers. 

What is the syllabus like?

The curriculum is split into three levels

  • Knowledge – 3 subjects
  • Skills – 6 subjects 
  • Professional – 4 total subjects (2 are mandatory, 2 as per your choosing)

Here below is a brief overview of the eligibility criteria:

Qualification level  Criteria required  Course levels 
10 + 2 examinations  65 per cent in Math/Account and English 
50 percent in the remaining subjects
You have to take all three ACCA levels:Knowledge Skills Professional 
B.Com /M.Com graduates  There are no minimum marks restrictions  You can skip the Knowledge level and the first paper from the Skills level.
BBA  There are no minimum marks restrictions   You will have to take all three levels, but you can skip the first paper (F1) from the Knowledge level
MBA graduates  There are no minimum marks restrictions  You can skip the Knowledge module, and study the other two levels
CA-certified students  There are no minimum marks restrictions  You are required to only sit for the Professional level

To know more about exemptions, check out this blog post (Link to post on exemptions)

Does your personality suit the profile?

It is not enough to fulfill the academic criteria required. You also need to possess the mental mindset to be an ACCA professional. Check the points below to see if you have the personality type that suits the job profile.

  • You have a great respect for facts, statistics and numbers
  • You like problem-solving and critical thinking 
  • You are fairly organized in most areas of your life
  • You are open-minded and flexible 
  • You love a good challenge
  • You take pride in a certain level of preparedness. You don’t like being caught unaware
  • Others often think of you as a reliable team member

Would you like to apply for the course?

If you’re beginning to see the merits of this qualification and you are interested in becoming a student, here is what you have to do:

  • You can directly apply on the official website. The procedure is fairly simple and will only take ten minutes of your time
  • If you opt for a coaching institute, they will help you with your ACCA registration
  • You will need to show original documents such as your proof of identification along with officially stamped academic transcripts and mark sheets 
  • You will be required to pay a one-time registration fee and a yearly subscription fee

How do I take the exams?

There are 14 exam centers across India. All metros – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai serve as exam points, along with some of the major cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The tests are mostly computer-based and are scheduled four times a year. Although, some of the papers can be taken on demand. 

In case visiting a centre turns out to be difficult for you, there is also the possibility of taking remote exams. All you need is a quiet corner in your home, a working computer and an internet connection. To get started, log in to the myacca portal. Once you are in, you can pick the dates to give the exam, choose your papers and finalise the location. 

If you are not sure if you want to do the course prep entirely by yourself, rest easy. There are quality coaching classes all over the country, and one that will be within your reach too. These institutes have physical centres where qualified teachers teach a group of students. Some of them offer online lectures as well. The intense preparation and training you receive will go a long way in getting you ready for the exams. 

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In conclusion 

There you have it. All the details and requirements of a perfect applicant are listed before you. If you have gone through all the points, you may have already figured out if you are a good fit. If you feel you have the makings of a viable candidate, go for it. The ACCA certificate will open up a whole new world of opportunities for your future. It will help you push your career ahead in the right direction while offering you plenty of work satisfaction as well. A good coaching institute can help you gain the confidence you need to apply. They will also provide learning tools and techniques to give you an edge. Once you finish your exams and are certified, you can reap the many benefits your certification will offer.

Still on the fence? Find out more about the ACCA course here.