IT sector employment in India 2018 has been a year of career-oriented professionals across Data Science & Analytics domain. 2019 is round the corner and many of us are wondering what the New Year has in store for us.

We know that the General Elections is the highlight of the year and all of us have our eyes set on the new government and its stance on issues like Employment, Skill development, Higher Education and the Average pay scale in the private sector.

IT Sector Employment in India 2018 - Major Highlights for IT Professionals

While we all are conjecturing about the series of developments that will unfold in 2019, the India Skills report released last month has some interesting findings for IT sector employment in India 2018.

India Skills report is a joint venture of Wheebox, a Global Talent Assessment Company, PeopleStrong, a leading HR Tech Company and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

The report is based on a survey conducted jointly by Wheebox, PeopleStrong, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), and supported and backed by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

Here are few of the findings of this year’s report:

  • The employability has reached a new high this year at 47% as compared to 33% reported in 2014.
  • Engineers continue to be the most employable lot while MBA is losing its hold.
  • 80% of the assessed candidates are willing to go for internship opportunities because they believe it would assist them in getting employed in reputed firms
  • Andhra Pradesh has the highest employability followed by Rajasthan and Haryana which has made it to the list of the top 10 states for the first time.
  • There is an increasing presence of employable talent in tier 2 and tier 3 cities as compared to the metro cities. This is the trend despite the lack of big institutions such as IITs/IIMs or any other renowned institutes in tier 2 and 3 cities.
  • The job profiles which the companies would be hiring the most for in 2019 are: Artificial Intelligence, Design, Analytics, Research and Development.
  • There will be an increased demand for design based jobs across industries such as Hospitality, Travel, Software, Mobile Companies etc.
  • In 2019, the hiring of women is expected to go up by 15-20%, especially in the banking, financial services.
  • 40-50% of existing jobs which are transaction heavy is likely to get automated. The key sectors are IT, financial services, manufacturing, transportation, packaging, and shipping, etc.

IT sector employment in India 2018 report also stated that not only domain expertise and skills, but the organisations usually prefer to hire those candidates who possess superlative communication skills and are open to learning and adapting to the changing business environment.

Apart from these silver linings, the India Skill report 2019 also highlighted a few challenge areas. It revealed that 70% of the youth face problem due to lack of professional guidance in finding jobs that suits their skill sets.

Moreover, Mr. Nirmal Singh, Founder and CEO of Wheebox opined that the increase in employability reaching 47% is a positive sign. However, there is still a long way to go and entire ecosystem should focus on joining the employability gaps and enhancing the quality of the talent pool.

The measures for this should directly start from the intermediate level in school and continue until the professional levels.