Our interview preparation guide brings you handpicked and best job interview clothes tips just for you. Even before you utter a word about yourself to the interviewer, you’ve already been judged. Wondering how? Well, it’s the way you’ve presented yourself at the interview venue.

Interview Preparation Guide: Best Job Interview Attire Tips for You

That is, the way you’ve dressed up and appeared at the office. Everyone from the receptionist to the office assistant, and quite a few employees already did notice you.

How you dress up for the interview makes quite a substantial difference on your selection or rejection. So, leaving a viable first impression is a big thing that could help you have the job opportunity.

Following are best job interview clothes tips for you so that you do not make any interview attire mistakes.


For Men:

  • Go for professionally apt clothing irrespective of the position you’re applying for. Pick conservative dressing in case you are unaware of company dress code. The most common choice can be a simple yet official suit.
  • Suit works big time at interviews. Not only are they universally acceptable but also leaves a positive impact about your appearance.
  • Suit is primarily a combination of jacket, pants, and dress shirt. Job interview clothes tips suggest essentials like tie, socks, and dress shoes need to be matched well with each other for a perfect “suit” look.
  • Choose dark-colored jacket and pants coordinated with light-hued shirt.
  • Your clothing should be clean and well-pressed as you wouldn’t want to lay your poor impression.
  • Ensure your outfit fits you well so that you’re not distracted in it. The way you carry yourself in a suit plays a very important role at interviews.


For Women

  • If you prefer western attire, go for a suit coupled with a skirt or a pair of pants. Those preferring traditional wear can pick a simple kurti and pajama.
  • Regardless of what you wear, go for a comfortable fit or you won’t be able to look or act your best.
  • Go for eye-friendly colors in dark hues of blue, grey, white, black, green, or magenta.
  • Avoid bright colors, lacey, mesh, deep-cut, or animal print; as such outfits can be too distracting for the interview.
  • Choose dresses that are knee-length or longer, as you wouldn’t want to grab unnecessary attention.
  • Keep your makeup, jewellery, accessories, and other add-ons a bit toned-down to avoid the “blinging” look.

Picking the right pair of shoes  


For men:

Job interview clothes tips advise men to invest in a decent pair of professional shoes. Office-friendly colors like dark brown or black work well with any kind of outfit. Also make sure your shoes are clean and well-polished for that particular shine at work. Do remember that worn-out or shoddy pair of shoes put off even the smartest job interview look.

For women:


Choose footwear that are closed and medium to low heeled, as in black pumps. High pencil heels are a big no-no as they would not only seem to flashy for a job interview but also hamper your walking. Trendy bright colored footwear must be avoided as you’re not there to walk a ramp but to have a good job opportunity!


Quick job interview clothes tips (do’s & don’ts)


  • Prior dress rehearsal is a must to see what all fits you well. It also helps you do away with all the flaws your outfit could be having, while making you feel more confident.
  • Wait and check twice on how you’re looking from top to bottom before leaving the home. Also glance through your hair, nails, and shoes to ensure everything is at their best perfection.
  • Go for minimal jewellery and very mild makeup, if required.
  • Dress up in a couple of layers for more comfort and warmth regardless of the weather.
  • Select the right and most appropriate interview clothes that are tidy and neatly pressed.


  • Sport wrinkled clothes or unkempt hair as it doesn’t make a good impression.
  • Wear clothes that are itchy, too loose, or too tight to fit in.
  • Go for heavy fragrance or body spray, for it can turn off your interviewer’s nose.
  • Pick out too outdated or vintage clothing as they’ll look too over-polished for an interview.
  • Carry your headphones/ earphones with you, at least not when you’re within the company premises.
  • Go for poor quality job interview clothes that crease up easily.

Just remember, everything would go down well enough if you take time to prepare beforehand for the interview. As your body language and the way you appear at the interview would say a lot about yourself, make sure you send apt non-verbal signals.