Job Opportunities for Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountancy is a highly revered finance course in India and passing the exams is no easy route. However, the fact that there is no shortage of job opportunities for a student after completion of the CA course makes it an extremely popular course in India. In India, practically, no door in the financial domain is closed to a CA. Jobs that CAs typically take up are:

  • Regular CA jobs in all types of businesses

Businesses require Chartered Accountants for financial advisory services, tax planning, internal audits, investigation, etc., which can boost the student’s career.

  • Corporate Finance roles in all types of firms

CAs can assume the role of a finance manager or controller in the corporate finance sector. Their responsibilities include assistance in preparation of financial statements, MIS reports, etc.

  • Accounting, taxation, financial analysis or auditing roles in consulting firms

This is a specialized area of Chartered Accountants, they can provide their services to consultancy firms for accounting activities, tax planning, and assistance in audit.

  • Financial analysis in M&A or Capital Markets divisions of Investment Banks

Any merger or acquisition requires pertinent requires expert guidance to carry out the activities, critically evaluate the financial viability of the project, verify documents, etc.

  • Credit Rating

Credit rating agencies have to analyze and critically evaluate the financial health of the companies, help in the building finances that

  • Project Finance

Project finance involves preparation of financial models, having a definite amount of

  • Training

CAs are technically strong and can train employees on accounts, taxation and finance related matters.

  • Self Practice

This is one of the most popular preferred option of most CAs as they get an option of being an entrepreneur, developing business skills while building clients, with plethora of options to explore. They can also choose their niche field and work in that area of interest, by takin up assignments accordingly.

Other areas where CAs find their expertise –

  • Investment Management roles in Mutual Funds and other AMCs
  • Courts
  • Civil Services
  • All govt. PSUs

Moreover, the only lacuna in this case is that the course is not globally recognized. A CA in India has to undergo a different course is he wants to public accountant of that particular country. However, the institute has signed MOUs with various other professional bodies which give exemptions or waiver of selected exams to CAs.