Job Profiles for Relationship Manager of Commercial Banks

Job profile for relationship managers of commercial banking

Commercial banks are expanding their base, and almost every nook of the country today has a commercial bank at its service. Considering this, banking and insurance sector is quite a popular choice in India. The job profile of a relationship manager is quite challenging indeed, and has to perform the role of managing a branch office and ensuring its smooth administration. He/she is assigned an area under his purview, and the RM has to overlook the business development of that particular branch/area.

Job profiles of RMs can expand to the following areas –

  • In case of retail clients (called Retail Banking), the products in focus are deposits, savings account, credit cards and loans.
  • Investment services or demat accounts are also other standard offerings.
  • In case of institutional clients (also called Corporate Banking), the focus is on current accounts, loans, overdrawing facilities, working capital, trade finance etc.
  • The job, as mentioned above, is to bring in new business while servicing the existing customer base.
  • Usually, RMs are given targets by their firms which they need to work towards.
  • RMs also need to work on all the paperwork related to the banking services before turning them over to the operations teams in their banks.
  • Lead the branch managers to achieve targets and propaganda of business
  • Development of new clients and/or selling new products to existing clients.
  • Helping clients in developing businesses.
  • Address operational issues of branches under his/her purview.
  • Monitoring and communicating issues, supervising activities in the regional branches.
  • As the manager moves to a higher position, more and more regions come under his purview and his role goes forward to developing strategies for business growth.

Thus, the job profile of a RM is quite demanding and taxing, since it requires him to juggle multiple responsibilities. However, the career path is full of opportunities to learn, and he/she gets to liaison with clients from various business sectors. Of course, growth in commercial banks is through in-house training and passing evaluation exams.