Are our jobs going to be replaced by Machines?

There is a huge trend of ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Machine Learning’ or ‘Data Science’ is going on, besides these trends in the industry, the main concern of the society is will these take over our the job? Are our jobs on the verge of extinction? Are we going to sit jobless in the coming future? Will there be great job depression?

The machines have not yet taken everything. However, they started coming into our lives, influencing what we do, how we live, work and entertain ourselves. Siri and Alexa, being voice-powered personal assistants have already begun spoiling us, self-driven cars are the next big example of AI which will be taking up the market and our lives very soon, there are other more examples and applications of artificial intelligence used today.

Artificial Intelligence is basically designed to make human’s work a lot easier. But the fact is that some jobs will be getting replaced by machines, the good news is there are still some jobs which can’t be replaced.

Below are the comprehensive examples of 6 Careers that are most likely to be replaced,

1. Couriers

Amazon delivery

Amazon has been already granted a new patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a delivery drone that can respond to human gestures. This is the perfect example of replacing couriers and delivery people by drones and robots, so it is only a concern of few years than this field will be overtaken by machines.

2. Telemarketer

In future, you might receive the calls from robots on behalf of the company’s customer service. This is possible because telemarketers don’t require much of social interaction, they don’t even need to get emotional. The conversion rate of this role is also not that great, so telemarketers have more chances to get their jobs getting automated.

3. Receptionists

Companies in future will be able to avoid hiring the receptionists’ all because of the software programs Virtual Receptionist, which would answer the call and also transfer it to another if required. Meanwhile, in Japan, some have also experimented with actual robots. This might replace the traditional receptionist, especially at modern technology companies.

4. Salespeople


In future, you might not see any sales people helping you or suggesting you about the various products. Many companies are setting the shopping experience with features like self-checkout; in fact, Spanish retailer for Zara is to introduce self-checkouts in stores very soon. Today’s buyer is much more internet-savvy and more inclined to do internet research and make a buying choice on their own.

5. Proofreaders


I personally got so used to proofreading software, that I can’t write without it. From a simple spelling checker of Microsoft Word to Grammarly and Hemingway App, there are a lot of technologies which are advancing and making our work easier by checking our own writings.

6. Chefs

machine chefs

Yes, if you have not heard this news about a new restaurant in downtown Boston which was founded on the idea that a fulfilling meal can be more science than spontaneity.This is Started by a group of 20-something robotics engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology who partnered with Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud.

The restaurant’s founders have replaced human chefs with seven automated cooking pots that simultaneously whip up meals in three minutes or less. This is just a beginning, who knows what is there in the future either cooking will remain an art or it will become a science. The above example definitely shows even chef’s job could replace by robots.

Below are the comprehensive examples of 6 Careers that are most likely to be safe,

1. Human Resources Managers

Human Resource department is the department where it is impossible to function without a human. The human resource managers are concerned with the hiring process and also to make sure employees are doing well. HR managers manage the interpersonal conflict with the help of non-cognitive and reasoning skills, which can’t be done by robots or machines.

2. Public Relations Managers

PR can’t be done well if you don’t have good contacts with the media or press. PR managers of any company depend on their strong networks all around and for any campaigns or promotions of the company’s products or service they build awareness which can’t be done until and unless it got some human touch to it.

3. Event Planners

Event planning is not an easy job, it includes lots of planning process. From deciding the place for an event to coordinate with the vendors that start from decoration to photographers, from catering to logistics and what not. To be an event planner you need to have many skills like managing things, organizing and contacts. It is not possible for a robot to perform all these roles.

4. Graphic Designers

Graphic design deals with some creativity and technicality. In graphic designing, you have to cater and modify the designs according to your client’s requirements. All the designs have to fresh and original which might not be possible by machines.

5. Writers

Writers have to create the original content. Writing a play, movie, books or a blog need some creativity and emotions which can’t be automated by a machines.

6. CXOs

It is not possible to replace chief executives of the company. They are the one who plans out, makes strategies for the company. Those are the leaders who set the company goals and objectives. Machines can’t change the strategies according to the business requirements, machines can’t make random decisions so I don’t think leaders are replaceable.


The evolution of technology has its own force and technological progress which cannot be refused. Machines are evolving to make our work easier so that we can concentrate on more other constructive work but no one want’s their jobs to be replaced by machines. So the challenge is to be informed of the risks so that one can develop strategies to meet the future with flexibility.