“Every business needs to move with the times… else they’ll get left behind!”

Trending Social Media Tips to keep your followers Happy!

In this article, we share trending social media tips to keep up the engagement with your followers and have a flourishing social media presence.

You couldn’t agree less with the quote above! It is imperative that businesses follow what’s current in order to be in the lead. Have you ever come across a business in today’s times without a social media footprint? Well, if your answer is YES, the business, unfortunately, would shut shop in less than 5 years, says numerous statistics on digital marketing.


Today, companies and brands are trying the reverse psychology in order to keep their consumers inspired by the idea of what and how their product was conceived or made rather than just advertising the final product it. They work on customers’ emotions and feelings that will influence their sale/purchase. Why do you think companies are trying this motive? It is because today’s consumers are more evolved and are prompt to make buying decisions. The only way a company can sustain a customer’s attention would be to constantly remind them of the product/brand. And what better way to do it through social media sites!

Going Social

One of the best social media tips include going social. Social media has brought about this new age of curiosity that has the ability to captivate one’s mind and heart with its offerings on a plethora of facts, stories and innovations. The question is how do you become a good storyteller in order to up the ante for your business?

Here are a few trending ideas business must do to keep their audiences engaged…

  1. Capture your thoughts in a picture: It is true a picture can paint a thousand words and expresses itself more than plain words. A study done by Adobe’s Q4 2013 Index showed social media posts with images create 650% more engagement than text posts. This means you are not likely to be missed while your followers are scrolling.
  2. Live Streaming, Vlogs & Videos: Do you know Facebook users watch 100+million of hours daily? It is true that moving images do sustain one’s attention longer than a still photo and hence videos go viral and trend much faster than pictures and texts. Every business should capitalize on it; it simple as creating and sharing interesting facts and concepts, talks or discussions, behind the scenes, customer testimonials etc. to keep your followers engaged and coming back for more.
  3. Link it to where it belongs: Creating new and interesting content to keep your followers/fans engaged is not a cake walk. You will put in immense effort to create and drive your idea to the masses but it will pay no good if it isn’t contributing to your ultimate goal that your audience should know you and maintain loyalty and trust to your business/brand. Every post on social media must at all times be linked to the main website and/or blog/vlog or channel. This is also becoming one of the best ways you could track and measure your social media stance and build your website ranking.
  4. Guest bloggers: Even if you are not running out of resources to create new and exciting content, you should try giving a guest blogger a shot! Why? Every blogger has his/her own followers/fans; a blog/article post from a guest on your website will route their audiences to your site which makes it a win-win situation for you and your brand.
  5. Benefit from other’s content: It is as simple as sharing or re-tweeting content that is already available on social media sites. Doing this would mean you are working smart and the best part is -it is legal! Creating your own content takes a lot of effort and time to put it all together however by sharing posts and adding some of your views barely takes a minute. Adding your own views based on the content available can stir up an interactive conversation between you and your followers.

To be continued… Come back to read part II of this article. In the meantime, you can browse through some of our trending articles listed below.

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