The following article is an attempt to anatomize the age-old concept of Managers Vs Leaders.

The thoughts and work of Sadhguru inspire us to find our true inner self and motivates us to make our lives more profound and beautiful.

When Sadhguru once visited the grandeur campus of Wharton Business School, he was asked the difference of Managers Vs Leaders.

Managers vs Leaders - Being a Great Leader than a Great Manager!

As always, with a poised smile on his face, he replied, “Nowadays the biggest problem about the so-called leaders is that they are leaders and not managers. Leaders move from personal ambition to a larger vision and take a group of people or nation to the destination they have not imagined possible.

If they would have imagined, they don’t need a leader To take them to a larger vision, leaders work towards raising their competence and profound insights, unlike managers who work on realising their own personal desires.”

Comparing managers with leaders is like comparing an orange and a shovel. However, people still ask this question, because they think that they both possess the similar traits.

Blame it on corporate hierarchy, it assumes that manager is someone whom they should follow. Automatically, managers assume that their status makes them leaders, and their juniors should look up to them. Well, to burst the bubble, that’s a wrong perception!

Let’s look at the stark difference between the role of leaders and managers.

Managers vs Leaders

To engage with your stakeholders, you need to be a leader to involve them in the overall bigger vision and align their behaviours and beliefs with the organization’s objectives. A leader will ensure that the goals, vision and responsibilities are clearly communicated. Sometimes, most managers are also leaders, which means they manage day-to-day operations as well as encourage, guide, mentor and inspire employees to a higher level of productivity.

Both managers and leaders are important for an organization—and when you imbibe the qualities of both, you’ve just hit the professional jackpot.