Memorable Marketing Campaigns Of 2018

You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything “– Beth Comstock


Memorable Marketing Campaigns of 2018

Isn’t it a perfect quote for the marketing field? Whether you are a manufacturing something or into service field; marketing your product is must!!!

Earlier, the marketing strategies were used to focus on customer acquisition and not customer retention mainly. 

However, now things have changed and so has our lifestyles. We compare product pricing, quality and features in just a single click. We don’t need to drive to shops, malls to check for products. Also, there are greater varieties of products available for comparison. Keeping all these facts in mind, now marketing strategy has been changed from traditional marketing to current trends.

In 2018, there are some memorable campaigns created by well-known brands. Below are a few of them:

Johnson and Johnson

With the catchy line “Mums aren’t born; they are made”, Johnson’s have launched a new campaign on the occasion of “Mother’s day”. And it was done for celebrating 125 successful years in the market.

They came up with an adorable animated video with a voiceover; which talks about the various ups and downs and happiness of being a mother. The video portraits how mothers struggle to find out what is right for her kid; her gentle love and courageous stand for the kid. The campaign was marketed using the hashtag #mumsaremadeof and asked the audience to share their story on what they think mums are made of”! The video was of 1 min 25 secs and got more than 10 million views within a week of being published. Not just video was highly appreciated, it got a huge response from people who shared their stories on social media platforms.

Surf Excel



DaagAccheHai” (Stains are good) or “Daag dhoondh te reh jaoge“ (You will keep looking for the stain) marketing campaigns have changed the fortune of Surf Excel.

A series of ads were rolled out by them. In one of those, they show a family reunion on the occasion of Ramzan with the hashtag #EkNekiRozana. Another ad video was of a sports teacher and kids focusing on never to lose hope and the hashtag used for it was #HaarkoHarao.

Every video had one thing in common, the message – Dirt is good; if the reason behind it is good. It shows that a kid’s innocence is beyond the materialistic aspects like dirt and grime on clothes and these worries cannot stop them from doing their daily activities. The commercials by Surf Excel are short, well shot and flawlessly executed.


Model displaying tasty maggi noodles

Maggi – A noodles brand that is loved by kids and adults. The brand Nestle is in the market since 1890 and Maggi is their most famous product. The campaigns for the brand make a huge impact on customers and that leads to increase in sales. Maggi ads are known for their taglines along with innovative strategies and taking its audience on a walk down the memory lane.

Along with “  advertisements, they asked common people to share their Maggi moments. This made an emotional connection as most of us have a childhood Maggi memory, which everyone loves to share. It was challenging for Nestle to change the eating pattern of Indians, but their innovative campaign had a massive impact on customers’ mindset.


A daughter teaching father maths

LG is a powerful brand in India from the past 21 years. In May, The brand recently celebrated its successful 21 years. This ad film garnered more than 46 million views and 27000 likes.

The ad video focused on innovations by LG, and that was shown through a grandfather, father and daughter’s emotional bond. It shows how the daughter helps his father after she gets to know that her grandfather and her dad are not in speaking terms because her dad failed in his maths exams as a child. This film shows a connection between 3 generations, the common factor being Mathematics and as the story unfolds in the video, we see various LG products being used.

The full video of the ad garnered more than 46 million views in just 2 weeks and was loved by its audience.




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