Why part-time courses are the best option for working professionals?

Did you know India is on its way to becoming the largest and youngest workforce country in 2020? Which means our nation’s average working age by 2020, will be 29; much lower than that of China’s 37.  Doesn’t it make you think, why?

It’s simple, it’s who we are! The Indian culture has always been family-centric and has nurtured the notion of basic education and getting a job early to support it (family). However, over the past decade, there has been a positive shift in the mindset of parents and students. Even though parents today have broken away from the erstwhile norms of working/starting early, conversely, students have found themselves eager to kick-start their career. They prefer to upgrade or learn new skills whilst gaining work experience.

So, how does one manage to work and study?

To manage studying and work simultaneously, many IT, finance/ banking, marketing and media professionals choose to enroll in part-time courses to enhance or upgrade their core expertise and knowledge with current skills. A part time course allows one to learn or train over the weekends or after work hours on weekdays making it a very functional option. It is a given that a full-time program does have its own set of pros but not as many as a part-time course.

Here’s a list of a few advantages of doing a part-time course:

  1. Flexibility:You have a choice to fit your study time around your work and family priorities.
  2. Online Learning:Today, online courses are in great demand since most professionals find it easier to study on a weekend at the comfort of their home or during their free time at work.
  3. Better Prospects:Learning a new skill, technique or tool often gives you an edge among your peers and doubles your chances of a promotion or better opportunity.
  4. Asset to the company:Employers see part-timers as individuals with excellent time management and multitasking skills.
  5. Sponsored Courses:Many MNCs are willing to wholly or partially pay for your course.
  6. Faculty: Most trainersare usually working professionals or industry experts that training part-time too; they are aware of the issues a part-timer faces and render
  7. Networking:A part-time course mostly have like-minded students and professionals, it is a good place to network and meet new people who can help you with career opportunities.


Most colleges and institutes that offer full-time certifications or degrees also conduct part-time courses because of its growing demand among the working segment. Also, major MNCs too have tied up with institutes for part-time courses (within the company premises or at the institute) to promote learning at every stage and to stay abreast with the latest in the industry. These factors lead us to consider that part-time course is a concrete choice for many professionals.