Power of positive thinking, is no doubt, one of the only secrets to lead a healthier work and personal life. Whether you’re a working professional, or aiming to be one, work stress is sure to take a toll on your life.

Think of a phone call at 9 am in the morning with a lot of arguments and debates. How do you feel after the conversation? Was it exhausting? If this happens frequently, wouldn’t you be in the same negative mood the whole day?

Now, think about getting a call, at the same time, from your school buddy or a best friend with whom you share success and happiness. You share few laughs, discuss different topics and few good old memories. You are happy throughout the day. Isn’t it?

We all aspire to be successful, happy or productive. So how we can achieve that? Yes, power of positive thinking is one and only way to do so. Another trick is utilizing our energies efficiently. Victor Cheng has coined a new phrase – “Mental Energy Units”, which is an art of managing mental energy.

Power of Positive Thinking Balances Your Work & Personal Life!


His idea behind the phrase is that Time and Energy are two different entities. There are total 24 hours a day; out of which we need to sleep for 7-8 hours. That leaves us with just 16 productive hours, and that is equivalent to 16 mental energy units. The calculation of mental energy units is entirely different from counting working hours.

Just think of a hypothetical situation when your sister asked you to babysit her son, who happens to be a hyperactive kid for 2 clock hours. Though it was just a couple of hours, it must have drained your energy equivalent to your 8 working hours. So in simple terms, it means that you spent approximately 8 mental energy units to babysit a child for 2 hours.

On the contrary, when you sing your favourite song or go for a walk or spend some time doing an activity that you love; it takes negligible or zero mental energy units. This kind of activities boost your mental energy levels, leaving you with power of positive thinking.

When a person with a negative or undesirable attitude interacts with you; he/she may consume more energy units and you can get burned out at the end of the day.

Similarly, when a person from non-accounting background tries to manage his tax calculations; he ends up spending double mental energy units as compared to an accountant.

In our daily life, if 8 working hours will consume our more than 20 mental energy units, then we feel more exhausted and won’t be able to effectively manage work-life balance. At work, power of positive thinking seem to decline with time.

Below are a few encounters or situations which can kill our mental energy


Short-tempered people get exhausted quickly and lose their productivity and creativity. We should always try to channelize our anger in the right direction. Meditation helps a lot in this case; just 15 minutes’ meditation can do miracles doubled with power of positive thinking. Beginners can take help of mobile apps or music for meditation.

The wrong company

Being surrounded by negative people drains your mental energy faster. Hence, we should try to keep our interactions with negative or toxic people limited, if possible. Try to spend time with positive people who can inspire you, make you feel good and encourage your power of positive thinking.

Eating and drinking habits

Anything in excess is not good. Excessive sugar intake or alcohol consumption is harmful to our physical as well as mental health. Food high in sugar can reduce our mental energy or slow down our activities. It is essential to maintain a balance between diet, meditation and work to sustain our mental energy levels.


There is a strong connection between your mental energy units and sleeping pattern. We all should have adequate sleep for good mental and physical health. Research has proved that the time 10 PM to 6 AM is an ideal time to have a sound sleep.

People who are facing difficulty can take help of yoga, meditation or sleeping music apps. Slowly and gradually you will develop a good habit of sleeping and waking up on time.


This is again a significant factor which consumes more mental energy units. Whether it is office work or parenting; we push our self to be a perfectionist, which again leads to more exertion. This attitude, if not managed well, can lead to anxiety and depression.

“Nobody is perfect in this world” so at some point of time you have to let it go. Your work should not be a burden on you. Instead, enjoy what you are doing. An hour of playing or spending time kids or doing things which you are passionate about can boost your mental energy levels.

When you start thinking about your energy levels and optimise your mental energy units; it will prompt you to make different decisions. Along with a focus on time management; it is equally imperative to emphasise on mental energy units for better productivity.