The Ultimate Guide to Become a Pro at Business Meetings & Discussions

It is not easy for everyone to speak up at business meetings when you are not expecting to participate in the discussion. This might be because you are shy, or an introvert or maybe, you enjoy hearing about others’ ideas. At times, you feel uncomfortable when you get called randomly during a business meeting because you are not prepared for it. In fact, when you are being called on, you should take it as an opportunity to make a real impact.

Upgrading your perception at work is crucial if you want your career to grow. What you have to do is to prepare well to lead a conversation during business meetings or should plan whatever ideas you are supposed to share and discuss with your team during the meeting in advance, to make an impression and get the appreciation you deserve.

There would be times in your career when you would not be able to remember what you have pre-planned and prepared for business meetings. But you can’t afford that every time because you want to be heard. It is totally up to you, how you would take up the challenge to take control and let people hear it to you.

Here are some tips which can help you to speak up confidently at your very next meeting.

1. Do Your Homework

If you already have the agenda for the meeting, you should prepare in advance and go through every topic before. List out the related questions to the agenda, which your team might ask you and prepare answers for the same.

2. Don’t Rush

There are times when you are asked to speak up in the meeting; you tend to take it as a job which you have to finish as soon as possible without making sure that your team is through with the topics for which the meeting was held. But if you feel rushed this will only increase the existing stress you already feel during meetings.

3. Keep a Buffer

It is very important to build in a buffer before getting the meeting started. This is the time to get comfortable physically and mentally with an environment in the meeting room. Focus on moving conversation with people around, which can help people to get comfortable with you. This can help to calm your anxiety and make you keep up the agenda well in business meetings.

4. Be Confident

Be confident while putting up your ideas, questions and views at business meetings. Don’t think that you are less than anyone, because you are the one who got this chance to speak up and present your agenda in front of many colleagues in the meeting space. The reason might be you are the only person who got a distinct combination of knowledge, skill, duties, and interests. You should make an impact and value your own thinking.

5. Learn

The best way to become an effective speaker is to practise speaking confidently in front of the mirror and watch videos of speakers who does it well. Learn from your colleagues who are good at engaging their audience, and what it is that makes them so moving.

6. Be Specific

When you speak at meetings, concentrate on making your point as concise as possible. This will help your message come across clearly and easily to your colleagues. Do not complicate the agenda by adding the topics which are not required.

7. Ask Questions

After you are done, it is very important to practice to ask questions to your colleagues to know whether they have understood the agenda well and if there are any doubts you will get a chance to clear it all on the spot.

Always understand this, if someone asks you to speak up in a meeting you should take it as an opportunity. You might have been called on in a meeting to know your views, ideas, and questions, this not only attaches benefits to your skills but also to provide people with a sight of your intelligence