Below are some of the most common yet useful productivity tips to enhance your worklife and reflect better productivity at workplace.

productivity tips

Tim Ferriss says “Focus on being productive instead of Busy.”

There are 24 hours in a day; the hours are the same for both the successful and unsuccessful people. However, few people are able to have a greater control on their calendar. Let’s unveil the reason behind it with best these productivity tips.

Shiv Khera once said, “Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.”

The difference few people succeed is because how they manage their time and work effectively with an increase in productivity.

Smart entrepreneurs have shared few good habits and tips to increase productivity which we have compiled below as productivity tips..

Remember the 21/90 Rule

The first thing is to develop productive habits. There is no fast track course for developing a productive practice. It is a slow and steady process; eventually, you will adopt this process. Do you know it takes 21 days to inculcate/break a particular habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle? Once you change your habits, don’t forget to pat your back for this new change!! This is also an important step to motivate yourself.

Now, if your goal is to make the healthy routine a cornerstone of your life, start with small steps. Get up early in the morning, gradually introduce a workout routine and lastly, embrace a healthy diet. However, don’t forget that it won’t feel like second nature until you cross your 90-day mark.

To-do lists

Secondly, start to – do list with a timeline for each task. The most important activity of the day should be your priority. Finish this task at the start of the day; so it will not keep on lingering in your mind throughout the day.

While preparing to- do list, make it as short and realistic as possible. If to do list shows more than 10 items; you will start feeling confused or overburden. It is better to note down key points in the list first and later you can break it down to subtopics. Advanced technology gives us excellent tools for managing to do plans.

Yesware or Mailtrack are some handy tools for tracking the emails. ProofHub is a management tool for organising tasks, activities to handle everything in one place. There are few android apps like calendar app which is a planner app for all activities.

Manage your meetings

Attending meetings is one of the most time-consuming tasks. A survey says employees spend half of the total working hours in less useful meetings. Based on your work, try to control meeting hours. A stand-up meeting could be a better option for avoiding long-running meetings.

Every session should have a clear, measurable and concise objective; which can be achieved within the timeframe. Before conducting a meeting, ask whether you can complete the same goal via phone call or conference calls or email or webinars.

Manage your meetings

Keep a balance of work and rest and yes, don’t forget to take timely breaks. These regular breaks can boost your concentration, sustain the performance and reduce unnecessary stress. Multitasking is an essential skill for the growth of an individual, but psychologists have an opposite view about the same.  Multitasking may hamper productivity, and it is better to perform a single task and then move on to the next one.

Mentality + Mindset

Until we’re not mentally ready to take the required steps, all efforts will go down the drain. Mindset is an essential factor in productivity. Sometimes your colleagues or environment may affect productivity. Try to surround yourself with positive-minded or encouraging people to ameliorate your productivity. Occasionally overactive thoughts can hinder the work energy and ultimately affect productivity.

Interruptions are bound to be there, and if you think there won’t be any interruptions, then you are probably living in the world of illusions. We don’t have any control over these interruptions; however, it is essential to deal effectively with these interruptions.

These disturbances could be petite like some urgent phone call or significant like illness or life-changing situations such as marriage, relocation or childbirth. These situations may change your routine as well as priorities. So try to find out the best way to handle these interruptions.

Lastly, introspect your limitations. It is not a bad idea to sometimes say the word ‘NO’. You need to separate the wheat from the chaff as all the activities will not help you to achieve your dream or objective. Your productivity will multiply when you start eliminating unwanted tasks.

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