Why professional certifications matter in today’s competitive age?

Log onto any job portal and what is the most common sight? One job and thousands of applications for it!

This is something that even you would have experienced while on job search. Securing that coveted job is everyone’s dream, but there definitely needs to be certain differentiating factors that give an edge to your CV. Along with your qualifications and experience, it is the set of professional certifications that places you above the rest. Some of you may think why get certified if I am already a pro at my job?

Professional certifications do matter even if you are an expert in your job because the job market is ever changing. There may be new skills that will render your current job redundant, you may intend to change your job or go to the next level in the same job. Possibilities of changes on the job front are innumerable. Hence, there is a requirement of an unbiased and independent yardstick of your credibility and a professional certification does the trick!

Here’s why professional certifications are a must in today’s competitive age:

  • Validates your knowledge and skill sets:

Professional certifications in specialized fields such as Digital Marketing, Financial Modelling, Data Science and Business Analytics prove your competency. It shows that you have acquired the necessary skill sets required to be an expert. You may be working in the field already, but a there is always a chance of some knowledge gap. A certification bridges the gap and prepares you for the latest skills that your profile may demand. Thus, enabling you to grow as a professional. Not only this, it acts as a confirmation about your expertise to those who are unaware of your skills.

  • Equips you with standardized training

This mainly pertains to certifications in IT, finance and operations. There are industry bodies who offer certifications and obtaining one from them indicates that your knowledge if from an authentic source. Certifications by JAVA, Oracle, SAS and CMMI are examples of standardization and homogeneity in training. There are also certifications by bodies such as NSE, BSE and the Reserve Bank of India, in the field of finance and economics, which lend credibility to your profile.

  • Shows how proactive you are

Certifications are aimed at honing your skills as a professional. When you are able to show certifications in your kitty, employers are convinced that you are serious about your career and ready to take on new challenges. The more proactive you are in terms of gaining knowledge, the better you are placed as a professional. Certifications indicate that you value constant learning even if you are already established in your field.

  • Keeps you updated about recent developments

Today technology has pervaded all spheres of life and one needs to be constantly ahead of the evolving technology in order to survive and grow. Traditional marketing has given way to Digital Marketing, Operations role has been overtaken by Automation and logical thinking has become the prerogative of Artificial Intelligence. How will you grow in your career if you are oblivious to all these changes? Opting for a professional certification will help you to stay current. An employee who is constantly evolving and abreast of the latest changes is an asset to the company.

  • Ensures your marketability during changes

As we discussed earlier, the employment landscape in India is constantly changing. In case you want to change your job, or there is a lateral hire opportunity within the company, a professional certification speaks volumes about your competency. It acts as a differentiating factor and enhances the value of your resume.  Some of the other events such as mergers, buy out etc lead to creation of new company run entirely by a new management. This also results in re-shuffling of the staff. In such cases, employees who are certified with the latest skills tend to be the retained.

  • Boosts your confidence to undertake challenging roles

Certifications not only mirror your capabilities to the entire world, but instils a sense of confidence in your inner self too. You become fully aware of your strengths and weakness and feel prepared to take on challenging roles. A good certification will not only impart quality education but also hone your soft skills and your entire approach towards your career. You may be aware about the basics of digital marketing and social media, however only a certification course by a reputed body can prepare you about the nuances of the subjects, identify your grey areas and help you to strengthen your positives.

Final Thoughts

It is commonly observed that freshers are quite serious about specialized certifications because that is their hall ticket to the real corporate sector. However, professionals who have already gained a certain level of experience in their work tend to get slightly complacent. This is a grave mistake and must be avoided. Work life, in any field, is always challenging and you need to prove your credibility to others time and again. Professional certifications from highly recognized industry bodies are the best possible validation of your skill sets and you must be wise enough to realize its importance before it is too late.