THE ROAD AHEAD: Career Paths for Freshers in Digital Marketing

Imagine, this is your last day in class; you’ve completed the Digital Marketing course and are now ready to take on new challenges in a real workplace.

What’s your day likely to look like? Can you visualize what you would be doing from this day forward? What’s written on that to-do list that‘s hastily written on a yellow post-it note and stuck to your screen?

Let’s take a sneak-peek into the work lives of freshers working in the Digital Marketing industry in India.

Sneha is a Social Media Marketing Executive. Her day typically starts with checking how her social posts from the previous day have performed. She has a briefing scheduled first thing in the morning with the Marketing Manager to freeze the social media content calendar for the next month. Post that she has an array of writing tasks ahead of her… aggregating content based on the current month’s social media calendar and using Hootsuite – a social media management software – to plan several posts across all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc.

She has become an expert at curating relevant content which can drive engagement for her target audience. She also works on increasing the fan following on all her company’s social media accounts to improve reach. She focuses on generating leads from her social media posts but is also concerned about connecting with her audiences, responding to posts by her fans, sharing relevant content – in short building a relationship with her social followers.

Sneha’s hoping to become a Social Media Manager or a Digital Community Manager in a year’s time with a team of 2-3 social media executives.

Her colleague, Tushar is a Paid Search Executive. He’s extremely motivated to make sure his paid ad campaigns on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are always performing well based on the budget, CPA and ROI target his Marketing Director has set for him. His desktop looks like a virtual stock exchange in the mornings! The first thing he does each morning is checking all the ad reports and analyze drops and increases in clicks, conversions, CTRs, CPAs and conversion rates of his campaigns. His colleagues drop in sometimes to take a look at the hi-tech screen loaded with numbers and graphs marked in red and blue that show drops and increases.

Once done with his reports, he has a briefing with the Marketing Manager to review if his campaigns are on track to achieve this month’s lead generation and conversion targets and if they’re on a budget. If not, they’ll outline corrective measures and then Tushar is on a nail-biting mission to get the campaigns back on track. Exciting as it looks; the job needs intense concentration and juggling equally with creative ads and landing pages as well as arrays of numbers and percentages. But the rewards at the end are well worth it for Tushar!

His personal career goal is to become a PPC Manager handling paid campaigns for large e-commerce brands in a matter of months from now.

Next, we have the most sought-after Digital Marketing guy – the SEO Analyst! Prateek is the guy who can bring in the ‘free traffic’ (!) so the Marketing Manager tends to spend a lot of time with him! He’s the whiz who can tweak the company’s website and make it appear on Google search almost magically (or so it seems to the others!). Technically sound, he can edit HTML, CSS files and JavaScript in minutes and talks techno-lingo with all the developers in the team. He is also the Analytics data expert on the team. At the end of every month, he presents the data reports for all digital campaigns to the team. It’s his job to make sure all sorts of tracking of conversions, revenue, costs, etc are tracked accurately in the company’s Analytics software.

His day typically starts with monitoring website traffic, analyzing whether he has been able to attract enough traffic and the right type of traffic, check out the SERPs, i.e how his company’s website pages are ranking on the search engines. He works on getting keyword-rich content from the writers and social media managers on the team to support his race for SERPs. He constantly scours the web for changes in search engine algorithms and news about any changes in ranking factors.

His dream career path is to start his own Search Agency, taking on outsourced SEO projects from both India and abroad.

There’s also almost always a Digital Marketing Executive in every Digital team who is more of a generalist. For example, he may coordinate email campaigns, website changes and handle daily coordination and catch-ups between the Marketing Manager and all other specialists. He’s the Jack of all Trades but will probably go on to specialize in a particular specialism or if he has an MBA in Marketing, he would very soon (at the end of an internship) be an Assistant Digital Marketing Manager and handle a team of digital specialists.

So, where do you see yourself? Cheers to a promising start in Digital Marketing and may the digital force be with you!