Skill Sets for Business Analytics Professionals


We all know that smart work pays more than hard work. Like the great Indian guru of economics, Chanakya has rightly said, “Learn from the mistakes of others… you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!!”. Similarly, with the big explosion of data, why can’t we learn what is important that will help us make smart decisions? The main objective of Business Analytics is transferring data into insights. With the advent of smart devices, collection of data has become quite easier, and this data is proving important for understanding the preferences of the consumers. Moreover, despite all this, there is still dearth of business analytics professionals, since, many have still not qualified to learn the nuances of this profession or not made themselves technically qualified.

Moreover, if you feel, you’ve the inclination required for a business analytics professional, you must groom yourselves and hone your skills to become successful in this field.

Following skill sets are useful for Business Analytics professionals –

1. Mathematically Trained

You should be mathematically trained and have love for number crunching. Statistics is the forte of Business Analytics professionals, and hence you should be strong at it.

2. Technical Knowledge

Knowledge of R/SAS/Python tools and techniques is a must since these leading softwares used for business analytics. R is freeware and fast capturing the market of business analytics, whereas, SAS is a commercial software developed by the SAS institute.

3. Vision to picturize

The Business Analytics aspirants are expected to see the ‘bigger picture’, investing time on the required data and weeding out the unnecessary details. He has to realize that the ‘devil is in the details’ and spot out exactly that data that can be helpful in making decisions.

4. Interpretation Skills

Critically Thinking ability and interpretation skills are necessary while dealing with a huge amount of data, comprehend it and make sense out of it.

5. Communication Skills

BA professionals have to liasoning and work with various managers and domain experts. Every client has different set of expectations, and since the purpose of Business Analytics is to support businesses in making better decisions, communication skills is a must for BA professionals.

6. Domain Expertise

Domain expertise in any particular field will help rule out the possibility of any ambiguity either in the results or the data itself. Since, statistics can sometimes produce misleading results, it is important that you must posses expertise to track such results.


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