Stress management tips is all that we need these days. This article tries its best to offer you stress management guide so that you can unwind, even for sometime.

Very recently, I attended one seminar on ‘The Lost Art Of Managing Stress’. One of the psychology speakers while talking about the stress management tips raised a glass of water. We all expected a typical recurrent question, ‘Is the glass half empty or half full?’. To my amazement, he instead asked, “How heavy is this glass of water which I’m holding?’

The participants present in the auditorium started shouting out different answers. Few said 200 grams, while few said half kilograms.

Stress Management Tips - Simple yet Effective ways to Unwind!

The speaker replied, “In my opinion, the absolute weight of this glass doesn’t really matter. The weight depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it from a few seconds to two minutes, it’s really light. If I hold it for say about an hour, it will make my arms ache, thus causing discomfort. If I hold it for an entire day, it will make my arm numb, compelling me to drop the glass.”

Everyone present in the auditorium was trying to decode this word of wisdom.

He further added, “The stress in our lives is similar to this glass of water. You think about them for a while, nothing significant happens. You think about them a little longer than required, it will bring discomfort to your life. Think about it all day, you will feel numb and disconcerted until you drop the stress.’

Very often, we allow the weight of yesterday’s stress impact today’s tasks. With each day, it’s time to put the glass down. It’s time to bury the yesterday’s burden. It’s time to look at the new opportunity and how you can seize the best out of it.

If you’ve tried combating the stress and still find it difficult, don’t sulk! Here are 6 go-to and quick stress management tips to unwind your stress. With this, they are economical, convenient and effortless as well.

  1. Exercise! Exercise!

Yes, this the most common way of keeping stress at bay. Exercise just doesn’t mean hitting the gym. It can be deep breathing exercises, cycling, swimming, walking, jogging or brisk walking, etc. Irrespective of the exercise you choose, persistence is the key to calm your mind.

  1. Hobby Time

This is one of my favorite way of managing stress. Quite often, I resort to reading or playing piano to forget the day-to-day stress. However, this hobby can be anything you love and passionate about. It can be sports, singing, binge-watching, stitching, cooking, etc.

  1. Solo Travel

stress management tips

Solo travel is very much in trend, mainly because it provides you the time not only to unwind the stress but also to introspect. The next time stress clings you – Take a break, explore the world and rejuvenate yourself! 

  1. Practice Gratitude

Quite often, we forget the things we have and focus on what we don’t. Stop, Pause and Reflect on the good things you have such as your capabilities and achievements. Focus on the people who care for you such as family, friends, cousins, mentors, colleagues or maybe even neighbors. Remember: The potential to rise high in life can be infinity if you optimize your strengths and confiscate the stress.

  1. Give Back 

Owing to the time constraints, we are left with minimal time for ourselves and our family. However, if you can accommodate the time to take up a social cause close to you, then go for it. Nothing is more rewarding than spreading smiles or bringing a change in others’ lives.

  1. Speak Up

There can be three ways of handling the stress:

  • Suppressing it, which will only multiply the worries lynching in your mind.
  • Getting anxious and frustrated, which will impact your relationships with others and even productivity at work Or
  • Discussing the worries with someone you trust and come to a solution.

If you can fix the issue which is a trigger to your stress, go ahead. But if you can’t do anything about it, then accept the situation and move on to the finer things in life.

The escape routes from stress are not limited to the above mentioned methods. There can be many other ways such as seeking professional help, eating well, slowing down in life, pampering yourself with spa or other rejuvenating therapies.

Irrespective of the way you embrace, I hope you’re not holding the glass for too long… Follow above stress management tips and live life to the fullest!