Industry 4.0 in India

What is Industry 4.0 and is India prepared for the change?

Source: What do we recall when we first hear the term, “Industrial Revolution”? A term in our Economics or Social Science textbooks back in high school, right? It signified major developments in the world of manufacturing…
data science

Crucial Insights on Analytics & Data Science Industry in India Study 2018

Data Science has significantly made a rapid growth in India over the past few decades. The technology has been widely adopted by different industries like retail banking, finance, healthcare, eCommerce, etc. Many startups as well as established…
data analytics consulting services 

What is Data Analytics Consulting Services and how to get there?

Data Analytics Consulting Services is the new tweak in Business Analytics. Data Analytics Consulting Services uses an array of methods that optimizes various business intelligence tasks by leveraging existing data. Business Analytics has unleashed…