financial models types

Financial Models Types - Brief Insights You Should Know!

There are different financial models types used for competitive analysis, to evaluate a company’s past performance and to forecast or predict the future trends. In this article let’s focus on a few common models used in finance by professionals. Three…
banking job

7 Tips to consider before applying for a banking job

Here we guide you through top 7 tips to consider if you're planning to get a banking job. If you are in the finance field, then you must have known that landing a coveted banking job is like a dream come true. The number of applicants surpasses…
2008 subprime crises

2008 Sub-prime Crises

Suppose, you buy a house. House costs you, say, 100. Now, you only have 20 with you, so you borrow 80. 100 = 20 + 80 i.e. Uses of Funds = Sources of Funds Again, say bank pays 80 and expects a return of 10% from you. Suppose, you have to…