Not from IT field? Don’t worry. You can still make it big in Business Analytics

Devansh had reached saturation point in his career as a Marketing Manager. Though he was a consistent performer, nothing seemed to excite him at the job anymore. He was desperately looking for something more challenging, something that could…

What is Analytics Consulting and HOW to Get There?

Business analytics has unleashed a whole new world to us and raised decision making to a radically different stratum. Today informed decision is being made by slicing, dicing and scrutinizing the data. But will this analysis have any value…
Fraud Analytics
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Fraud Analytics: An Intriguing Career Option for Data Scientists

Manisha was relaxing on a weekend at home when her phone beeped thrice. Thinking it to be regular messages from friends, she grabbed the phone. But what she saw left her aghast!! Purchases worth Rupees 50,000 had been done against her credit…