Here we guide you through top 7 tips to consider if you’re planning to get a banking job.

If you are in the finance field, then you must have known that landing a coveted banking job is like a dream come true. The number of applicants surpasses the number of vacancies. You might have failed once, twice, thrice or maybe ten times, however, it does not mean that you will give up. As we know, nothing comes easy, especially success. To succeed, you need to be persistent.

Here is what you need to know and do to impress banking job recruiters:

During graduation, apply for an internship during graduation and get a full-time job later

It is the most standard thing; which people usually do. They work hard to get an internship in a top-notch bank and work harder to impress the recruiter. If you have done well, they should offer you a full-time job after graduation. Not everyone makes it through this process, and the conversion rate is as low as 26%.

Do not apply to top banks directly

If you don’t have your degree from the top league educational brand, and do not have enough work experience working in a bank, do not apply for jobs at the top banks. Go step by step! As the competition will be too fierce, try to secure a position in a smaller bank, gain experience and work the ladder up.

Think of starting your career with the big four

Another alternative is to get placed with one of the big four accounting firms. Many fresher accountants move from the top four into merger & acquisition or equity research jobs in banking.

Take certification courses in your field

To acquire your dream job you need to put an extra effort. Get certified for the key topics that finance professionals are expected to know in and out, like financial modelling, accounting, using excel and effective communication.

7 Tips to consider before applying for a banking job

Perfect CV and Cover Letter

It’s a thumb rule, your resume and the accompanying cover letter should be as slick and as professional as possible. It reflects your quality and your efficiency. So it is essential to keep it conservative, neat and clean. It should not look cluttered and make sure there are no spelling errors or typing errors. While writing about your skills, make sure it doesn’t make you look ostentatious. Prefer stating what you did, rather than the skills you developed.

Use keywords

Be observant of how are banking job describe the skills required and competencies for the job opening. Mark the keywords and use them to update your CV. It is crucial that every section of your resume has a few relevant keywords.

Networking is essential

When you talk about coveted banking jobs, banks look for long-term commitment. To get into one, network from the very start and follow the market. A career in this line requires perseverance and dedication from the year one. So, give what it needs, and it will provide you with what you need.

Did you know that there isn’t just one way to get the coveted job we are talking about? The route you opt for depends on the area of the bank you want to get into. And if you really want to get into a banking job, do not give up till you have exhausted all the possible ways.