A career in business analytics is gratifying and has seen fast growth. Statistical methods, quantitative ability, logical thinking, business knowledge, data science expertise, managing ability and maintaining the resources are the skills needed to make it big in analytics today. Business analytics advancements in India has increased which gives huge employment opportunities for the fresh graduates.

There are plenty of competitive analytical companies in India which have shown tremendous growth globally across the multiple industries. Based on our research, we have compiled an indicative list of 10 companies which are favorable for fresh graduates to begin their career with.

1. Mu Sigma analytics

Top 10 Data analytics companies to start your career

Mu Sigma was founded in 2004 by Dhiraj Rajaram and headquartered in Bengaluru. Mu Sigma is a well-known decision science and big data Analytics firm which helps Fortune 500 companies achieve their goals through better decision making. Most of these companies are spread across various verticals such as Technology, Retail, Consumer Products, and Financial Services etc. Mu Sigma positions itself as a unique blend of Consultant, Mathematician and Software Company.

The new entrants begin their journey in Mu Sigma with the MSU (Mu Sigma University) where induction is conducted over months and employees can get hands-on training on various challenging projects under the guidance of senior practitioners in the company. You can typically join as an Analyst and get exposure to various projects while climbing the corporate ladder as a Senior Business Analyst, Associate and then as an onsite Engagement Manager handling a portfolio of projects.

Payscale: Data Scientist: Rs 3.02 lacs to Rs 7.45 lacs

For career opportunities – https://www.mu-sigma.com/careers

2. Accenture Analytics

As an analytics division of one of the biggest technology companies in the world, Accenture Analytics has carved a niche in delivering data-driven solutions through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Its unique approach involves unearthing trapped data through sensors, analytics and third-party searches, combining it with Accenture’s predictive analytics model and delivering cutting-edge intelligence.
Accenture has partnered with SAS for more than 15 years, and together they have completed over 250 client projects. Other alliances include Microsoft, Oracle and HP.
As an Accenture Analytics employee, you will be a part of its global network of more than 1800 data scientists and also leverage the Accenture Innovation Centers and Accenture Labs to stay abreast of latest trends in Data Science.

Payscale: Accenture Data Scientist: Rs 3.53 lacs to Rs 26.40 lacs

For career opportunities – https://www.accenture.com/in-en/careers

3. Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics was co-founded by Srikanth Velamakanni and Pranay Agrawal in 2000 as they saw immense opportunity in the future of analytics. In 2005, Fractal Analytics expanded in New York, and later in San Francisco. Today, the company operates from San Francisco Bay area, Greater New York area, London, Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore and Dubai.
Fractal Sciences lab has achieved over forty different specialized productized services which help to fit in the solution framework. The recyclable models get them assembled into any format or any analytical tool. These niche services helps them in delivering creative, smarter, faster and more accurate decisions.

Fractal Analytics hires the best talent and grooms them well. The company has its own learning academy called Fractal Analytics Academy which offers 50 courses conducted by 75 highly rated faculty members. After thorough testing, employees are placed in one of the 4 analytics career track.

Payscale: Data Scientist: Rs 8.85 lacs to Rs 17.80 lacs

For career opportunities – https://fractalanalytics.com/job-openings/

4. Manthan

Manthan Analytics is headquartered in Bengaluru and founded by AtulJalan in 2003. A leading Analytics company, Manthan specializes in providing Big Data solutions and Artificial Intelligence aided decision making for retail customers. The company serves an in-depth retail customer base which includes restaurants, convenience, e-commerce, food & grocery as well as fashion & apparels.

Manthan believes in continuously grooming its employees helping them evolve as an associate. The company gives an opportunity to work with several technological solutions across geographies and platforms.

For career opportunities – https://www.manthan.com/careers

5. Absolut Data

Founded in 2001, Absolut Data Analytics Company follows diagnostic methodology with cutting edge techniques that merge technology, complex data, and advanced analytics. The company believes in the approach of decision engineering which is a step ahead of the traditional analytical approach.

The company has designed powerful yet easy to use products under the brand name NAVIK,that empowers front line marketing managers, sales people and analytics teams to harnesses the strength of artificial intelligence (AI).
Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Absolutdata is specialized in services like market research, marketing mix, CRM analytics, big data and visualizations etc. The company also has branches in New York, Los Angeles, London and Dubai. In India, its offices are based in Gurgaon and Bengaluru.

AbsolutData offers a fun-filled ambience which allows employees to be astute analysts as well as have a well-rounded personality development.

Payscale:Data Analyst: Rs 4.77 lacs to Rs 10.50 lacs

For career opportunities – http://www.absolutdata.com/analytics-company/careers-analytics-jobs/

6. Cartesian Consulting

Founded in 2009 in Mumbai, Cartesian Consulting specializes in Customer Marketing and Business analytics. Today it has branches across Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Singapore and North America. The clientele for Cartesian spans across sectors such as Hospitality, Travel, Retail, Food & QSR, E-commerce, Telecom, and Financial Services.

Cartesian offers many exciting career opportunities for fresh graduates. One can join in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon offices as Analyst, Analyst Lead, Associate, Consultant, Engineer etc.

For career opportunities – https://www.cartesian.com/join-our-team/

7. Latent View

Established in 2006, Latent View has their head office in New Jersey, San Jose. In India it has branches in Mumbai and Chennai. Latent View was awarded as the winner of Analytics Solution Provider of the year in 2015 by Frost & Sullivan. Aimed at factoring in constant developments in technology, Latent View has its own R&D center, IdeaLabs. The company aims to deliver big data and predictive analytics solution through this R&D Lab. Its innovative products and service spreads across variety of verticals such as Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services and Technology.

Latent View has partnered with various educational institutes such as IIT Madras and Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) to conduct advanced research programs and projects in data analytics and mathematical modelling.

Payscale: Data Analyst: Rs 4.09 lacs to Rs 12.20 lacs

For jobs – https://www.latentview.com/career/

8. Unmetric

Unmetric is an international social media Analytics Company established in 2012. The company has its head office in New York City with branches in Chennai, (India) and the U.S. This Analytics Company analyses branded content on all the major social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, and Instagram and works towards enhancing engagement based on the insights derived.

The employee base is fast expanding and consists of young talented people who are passionate about their jobs. The teams are remotely connected with each other across the US, India and Canada and work in close co-operation to deliver projects.

For career opportunities – https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/unmetric-jobs

9. Convergytics

Convergytics is one of the fastest growing analytics startup in Asia. Established in May 2013, the company provide the services focussed in Retail and CPG and in particular in Marketing, CRM and Online Analytics.

In a relatively short period of time, Convergytics has gained prominence by providing services which enable businesses to maximize their ROI, maximize customer satisfaction, drive innovation and uphold the competitive advantage.

Roles in Convergytics include Developer and Senior Developer. Architect, SME, Consultant etc.

For career opportunities – https://convergytics.net/careers/

10. SIBIA Analytics

SIBIA Analytics, based in Kolkata is one of the fastest growing analytics company in India that provides solution and services in Marketing Analytics, SAS, R, SSPS, Python Programming, Business Intelligence Advanced Social Media and Web Analytics etc. They also provide Data Management, Integrated Analytics, Real Time Analytics solutions to their clients.

SIBIA offers predictive analytics and decision support services across multiple industries. The services are focused for solving business challenges through the effective use of predictive analytics and data.

SIBIA has an open work culture that welcomes fresh graduates, interns and seasoned professionals alike. It offers an opportunity to work with global data scientists and some of the most experienced people in the industry.

For career opportunities – https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/sibia-analytics-jobs?country=in

Below are the two companies also making a boom in the market:

  1. Gramener

Founded in 2010 by a team of ex-IBM employees, Gramener is a design-led Data Science company. As against focussing only on the technology, Gramener focusses on providing a   solution for each problem. It caters to clients across industries and some of its leading clients are Novartis, CNN, and Microsoft. Whether it is Banking, Media, Pharmaceutical, IT & Consulting or Public Sector enterprise, Gramener has a solution for every industry.

With offices across New Jersey, California, and Singapore, Gramener has established its foothold in India in cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. 

Few of the products that Gramener is proud of is Gramex, Cluster, Narrative and Data Explorer. It is one of the most established names in Data Science and Data Visualization. It has a team of more than 200 creative problem solvers. The company promises to guide its employees at every step and gives them complete freedom to experiment and develop a unique solution of the problem at hand. 

For Career opportunities: https://gramener.com/careers/

  1. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains is one of the leading Big Data Analytics firms which helps clients to integrate Big Data into their entire IT operations. The company has a dedicated team of analysts who deliver Big Data Analytics solution to empower the clients in strategic decision making. The Data Scientists at the Hidden Brain process voluminous data to provide deep insights. 

Founded by Vikash Chhawchhariain 2003, Hidden Brains has truly evolved into a one-stop-shop for the latest technology offerings. IoT, AR &VR, Blockchain, and AI are some of its other services. The company has delivered results across verticals and industries such as Healthcare, Education, Energy, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Construction. Hidden Brains has client offices in the USA and Norway, whereas the Indian operations are conducted from Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. 

The company is always on the lookout for people with an entrepreneurial mindset, who love to experiment and discover new solutions. Hidden Brains actively recruits talented professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and a diverse set of skills.

For career opportunities: https://www.hiddenbrains.com/careers.html