It’s high time you prepare yourself to get familiar with the corporate culture and values. Here are few tricky interview questions you can expect, along with suggested responses to have you selected for the desired job.

Heartbeat up. Adrenaline rush. Uneven breathing. Continuous sweating. All these signs represent various scenarios. But an interview session has to be one of the most suitable one.

Imagine you’re rightly seated facing a panel of experts, who also happen to be your recruiters. How would you reply when one of the interview panelists apparently ask you, “Tell me something about yourself?”.

Before you even begin to answer, note that the interviewers are more interested in your “answer” – and not on your grades or academics. All your replies are more about being judged upon your soft skills rather than technical skills. That is, how creatively and promptly you’re able to think and how effectively you’re able to deal with high-pressure environment.Tricky Interview Questions: 4 Sly Responses No One Told You About!

Q1. “Why should we hire you?”

For this question, your response should indicate that you’re the most perfect fit for the job role. For that, complement your response with confidence and align your personality traits with the organizational culture.

Likewise, respond as in, “My skills and achievements seem to match with your organizational requirements.” Such a reply shall help you make a striking chemistry with the recruiter.

The next question inline would surely be something like “Elaborate your achievements and how do you think they will match our requirements?” Here, you can speak about your academic accomplishments along with extracurricular activities, if any.

For instance, go on to highlight your role in sports, events, project management, etc. These factors can help you show-off your teamwork, leadership,  and project management skills.

Q2. “What are your weaknesses?”

Apart from everything else, this question aims at testing your honesty.

Most candidates get too conscious and are stunned by such questions, wherein ethics and morality is concerned. That’s because it’s human nature!

Like for instance, opt for neutral responses such as “I’ve habit of nitpicking”, “I frequently interrupt others”, “I sometimes keep talking while eating.” These replies are not only natural and genuine, but also lesser fatal to affect your chances to get placed.

However, one should also make sure that they do not reveal too much about themselves, as that could get dangerous. All you need to be is unique and original about your statements. Do not even try to replicate what others do.

Pro Tip: Never open up about more than two of your genuine weaknesses.

Q3. “How would you differ between rules and goals?”

Now this one happens to be one of those tricky interview questions wherein the debate goes on — whether goals are more important than rules or vice versa?

For decades now, there have been various arguments supporting rules and goals. However, the winner is yet not confirmed. The recruiters here expect a definitive response that gauges your thinking ability.

Consider answers like “I’ve learned that one has to play by the rules to score goals”, “I don’t think there can be any goal scored without playing by the rules”, or “Wouldn’t it be cheating if any goal is scored when rules are not followed?”, etc.

Q4. “Do you have any questions for us?”

Usually this one happens to be the last question of interview process.

To which, your answer should be framed well — as you’ve had carefully analyzed all the parameters affecting the organization. The analysis can be done while you’re still preparing to face the interview.

Questions like, “Is the organization matured enough or still in its growth phase?”, “What targets have you set for me to achieve in the first year?”, or “Could you elaborate job responsibilities for entry or lateral level hiring?” etc. Such questions not only help you understand the organization better but also give a positive idea to the recruiters about you.

That’s all about tricky interview questions and impressive answers on your part. Keep in mind that from the moment you walk in to face the interview rounds, you’re being critically observed by anything and everything you do.

Walk in with confidence, make and maintain eye contact, and begin on a pleasant note with a nice handshake. Take those tricky interview questions head-on!