What is ACCA?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a global body of professional accountants based out of UK. If you want to pursue a global career in accounting, getting enrolled and completing this program will stand you in good stead. The ACCA, like the CPA (US) is a program focused on international standards in accounting and will catapult you into a global chartered accountancy career. It is also not as cumbersome to apply for and appear as the CPA (US) and could be an alternative to somebody who wants to either practice abroad or work in a global accounting setup within India.

In order to be eligible to apply for the ACCA program:

  • You need to have cleared your HSC with 65% and above in at least 2 subjects and 50% and above in others
  • Subjects should include English and Mathematics / Accounts
  • If the candidates have a higher degree in accounting they can avail exemptions in some subjects of the course

To qualify as an ACCA member, in addition to clearing the exam, candidates need to complete 3 years of relevant work experience. The ACCA is lacking procedure

Benefits of ACCA Program

  • An accountant is a highly respected and valuable profession, since every business needs accountants to look after their financial transactions, record them, evaluate the financial health and portray it in front of the stakeholders.
  • You raise your chances of employability highly since ACCA is recognized in more than 170 countries, including India. Thus your marketability as an employee with professional standards is already done, if you’re an ACCA member.
  • The ACCA is a highly revered organization in the world, students can be a part of league of professional accountants around the world. This expands their horizons and opens up many opportunities.
  • Role of finance professionals have changed over the years. He is not longer expected to merely compile financial transactions, rather use his strategic insights, to guide the management in taking smart financial decisions. ACCA prepares you for the emerging challenges, with a curriculum designed considering the expectations from finance professionals today.
  • The ACCA program ensures that along with technical expertise, students develop overall professionally too. By being part of a professional body which is internationally recognized, you can exchange information with experts from all over the world.

Thus, the above-mentioned points prove that a wealth of opportunities awaits for the ACCA members.