What is CFA® Program ?

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program is an internationally recognized, well-researched and wholesome financial program that aims to give the examinees an all-round knowledge of financial analysis and portfolio management. This is a highly sought after certification and is quite well known across the financial industry internationally. It is conducted by the CFA Institute, USA. However, before venturing, one must be prepared for a rigorous and gruesome study routine.

CFA® Program curriculum

The CFA syllabus comprises 10 key topics relevant to financial and investment analysis. The certification calls for successfully clearing 3 parts – Levels I, II & III over a few years’ time. On clearing all three levels and having completed 48 months of relevant work experience, one can avail of a  Charter from the Institute and append the much-coveted ‘CFA’ designation to their names. Charter holders are members of the CFA Institute and have access to several resources that the Institute has to offer including business forums and events, journals, databases, career resources and the chance to network with big names across the global financial industry.

A candidate who has cleared all the 3 levels is viewed as someone proficient in financial topics and the effort is a major signalling factor to companies about his/her interest and capabilities in finance.

Why You Should do the CFA® Program curriculum?

  • Diverse Knowledge
  • Standard in the Industry
  • Deep Knowledge
  • Open Doors to the Financial Industry
  • Credibility
  • Global Accreditation
  • High Chances of Growth

In short, the program is apt for those students who wish to have a career in investment and portfolio management. The  Charter being a globally recognized course opens many avenues in India as well as overseas countries. Though the course is definitely not a cakewalk, it is definitely worth the while, as it opens many opportunities with a guarantee of a lucrative revenue. Moreover, it is also an additional feather on the cap, in case you already have any professional degree in finance.

For more information, visit: https://www.cfainstitute.org

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