Who can do CFP

A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) acts as a personal advisor for financial planning, assisting you in making short term and long term goals that are congruent with your objective. A knack and liking for personal finance, communicating with clients is quite necessary. A CFP is supposed to give financial advice to his/her clients considering the dynamic and volatile financial market, latest trends in the economy, which requires him to be abreast with the current trends. Since financial planning is the key service offered by CFPs, they have a high chance of meeting investors and individuals from various backgrounds.

A CFP course in favourable for you in case you think you can fulfil the below-mentioned parameters.

1) You are interested in pursuing financial planning as a career

If you are sure about pursuing this as a career, then there should be no looking back. Doing this program will give you the necessary knowledge as well as give you the visibility when it comes to recruitment. Even if you are working in some other financial field, doing a CFP can open doors to financial planning firms.

2) Your work needs you to know various investment instruments, taxation etc. in the Indian context

If you are an RM for a bank/investment management firm then understanding regulations, taxation issues and general financial instruments and investment planning is vital. This knowledge can be a great tool in your repertoire and help you come across as knowledgeable and boost your clients’ confidence.

3) You want to understand personal finance and investment planning for your own needs

If you want to make your money grow, don’t want to rely on others for it and have the needed time for this effort, then understanding the nitty-gritty of financial planning can give you the firepower you need!

4) You want to be a part of globally recognized professionals

CFP is an internationally recognized course and if you’re keen on being part of a league of professional financial planners, CFP is a perfect way to go, since, clients find you reliable. Moreover, it sharpens your financial planning skills, in case you already have a finance degree.

Since a CFP’s role involves to a great extent in liaisoning and interacting with clients, they’ve to develop skill sets that involve effective communication. In this competitive world, it has become necessary that one should have a qualification that is recognized all over the world and CFP just fits the bill.

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