Who Should Do A Company Secretary Course?

A company secretary (CS) is a highly revered course in India, considering the mandatory appointment of a CS for certain stipulated companies as per Companies Act, 2013. Governed by the Institute of Company Secretaries in India (ICSI), Considering the expertise in company law required by Company Secretaries, there are many law aspirants who choose to do CS, for achieving additional edge over their peers. As an in-house legal expert, it is necessary that you should ensure compliance of all departments. Before taking a plunge, you must be ready with homework and research to know the pros and cons, and how it will impact your career.

So, when do you think CS would be a right option for you?

You have a penchant for doing a company law
Company law is the basis of CS’s job role. CS is the perfect option for you, if you’re passionate about company law and wish to possess expertise in this field, company secretary is the perfect option for you.

You’re looking out for additional certification
An additional feather on your cap is always a plus point, since, it is always a glaring point on you CV. You can pursue CS while undergoing other courses, however,

Assess if you possess these skill sets

A challenging profession, coupled with myriad opportunities, this requires a candidate who can multi-task easily and monitor over various activities in one go, while maintaining compliance in a timely and efficient manner.

You need a shift in career to finance field

In the recent future, we have observed a lot of students shifting their focus from science mainstream to commerce and business, CS can one of be the lucrative options. Many law students contemplate doing Company Secretary.

For better Career Prospects

Considering the mandatory appointment of a CS under the prescribed rules, there is no dearth of opportunities for them. Also, you may choose to start your own practice and cater to multiple clients.

You’re ready to face challenges

Role of a CS is quite daunting & challenging and require meticulous planning from a Company secretary. As a coordinator and point of contact between various departments, a CS has to be always vigilant about compliance issues. Hence, strictly choose this option, if you’re okay with dealing with a lot of people in a day.